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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy from

If you have more questions about the personal policies that apply on this site, please do so contact us via the contact page here =>

For us the Right to Privacy is very important for everyone, therefore with this document notifies any privacy rights of visitors collected and used by and how we use it.

Log File

As with most web sites, also records the log files of each visitor. Things which we noted in the form of IP Address, Browser used, Internet Service Provider (ISP) used and records of the time visitors open and close this site.

This is intended to make it easy for to analyze what type of content you like visitors, what constraints are experienced when visitors open this site, as well as what are the causes of the constraints the. Where all that is done by examining the factors that have been recorded based on previous visit. And other analysis.


The site uses Cookies to record any data relating to the browser used visitors, this is useful to make it easy for to present appropriate articles and advertisements the interests of visitors. Where these points are judged from the history of your browser that we noted through Cookies.

Ad Partners and its Privacy Policy is an advertising partner of Google Adsense, where every ad that appears is the result and the form of cooperation that we do. Google Adsense has their own personal policies, where these policies relate to the way they record each internet visitor's activity in order to be able to show ads that match the interests of visitors.

Age restriction

Every content presented on this site is safe for all people and ages, but it's good for people adults continue to oversee every action taken by their children, as well as those of you who are still underage to be watched by people who are more mature when accessing despite the articles on this site has been guaranteed safe because it discusses about technology and other knowledge.

Online Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy at only applies to visitors who open this site. If visitors have closed or not accessed so they are no longer under the conditions written on