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Is Exness India a Scam? Check out the following reviews !


Currently, there are a lot of online brokerage services offered, so it is not easy to choose one, so you need to read the review first so you don't make the wrong choice. One of the most recommended is Exness India. There are several reasons that make it trustworthy, see the following review!

What is Exness India?

Of course a lot of people do not know about What is Exness India? Especially for those who are new to online trading. Exness was founded in 2008 by several professionals with experience in finance and information technology. Exness is headquartered in Porto Bello, Cyprus.

Exness continues to grow until it is recognized as one of the leaders in the online trading industry. Based on data in March 2020, Exness' trading volume has touched the figure of 785 billion dollars, which is certainly a very high number, above the average broker in general.

The trading volume continues to increase, recorded since 2014, Exness' trading volume has reached 180 billion dollars per month, with 15 thousand accounts. In addition, Exness also provides other financial services

Is it safe to trade with Exness?

Scammers continue to lurk in the online business, not least in the online trading business, so everyone must continue to be careful so as not to be deceived by fraudsters. To anticipate various scams, IT experts are also increasing the security on each trading platform used.

Exness in the field of securities sales has the Nymstar trademark which is registered in the Seychelles with registration number 84223606-1 and is authorized by the Financial Service Authority (FSA), with license number SD025. Nymstar Limited is headquartered at Eden Plaza F20, Eden Islands.

You can also access the official Exness India page to view Exness' performance on a variety of indicators, including reports on trading volume and number of registered clients, to withdrawals, commissions, and other important information, including audits conducted by Deloitte.

With continuously improving performance, Exness was awarded the Best Global Forex Broker award in 2019 by The European magazine, and also won the title of the Most Transparent Forex Broker 2019 from World Finance Magazine.


One of the advantages of Exness is its unlimited leverage feature. Thus, traders can trade up to the smallest margin. So that traders can apply various strategies that allow traders to get great profit opportunities.

The conditions that must be met to get the unlimited leverage feature. At normal leverage Exness can reach 1:2000 on each trading instrument. For more detailed information about this, you can access the official Exness India page.


Easy to Open Accounts and Competitive Spreads

Exness India provides a high level of security guarantee on their platform, so that traders can trade safely and comfortably. Exness also provides currency options up to 107 types used in the world today. With various payment features, from internet banking to Fasapay.

For new users, Exness also provides a demo account so that beginners can learn the ins and outs of the platform and learn how to trade online properly, by implementing various strategies that allow for profit before opening a real account.

On real accounts, Exness offers two types of accounts, namely standard accounts which are further divided into two types, namely standard accounts and standard cent accounts. The professional accounts consist of Zero Accounts, Pro Accounts, and Raw Spread Accounts.

One of the differences between each account is the spread. For example, on a standard cent account that is subject to a 0.3 spread with no commission charged. And on Zero accounts it can reach 0.0 spreads, following the existing market conditions.

How to Open an Exness India Account

To open an account at Exness India is very easy, you only need a simple registration by completing the complete information verification stage. Then you can try a demo account, and if you understand and are proficient in trading, you can open a real account and deposit funds to start making money with the Exness India platform.

More details on how to open an account are as follows:

  1. First, open the Exness web first. Then on the main page select 'Open My Account' and click Exness Register and fill in the registration form.
  2. Fill in the registration form, the next step is to fill in the identity column by filling in an active email, new password, and active phone number. Then there will be a verification code sent via email or phone number in the form of SMS so that you can proceed to the next registration process.
  3. After entering the pagesecure verification, enter the verification code that has been sent previously, either via email or sms. Fill in the code into the column provided, then click 'Confirm'.
  4. Don't forget to fill in the required identity on the 'General Information' page. Fill in according to the instructions, starting with title, first name, last name, date of birth, then tick the approval box. After that click 'Next'.
  5. For this stage there will be a choice of what type of security will be used on the account created. This feature is very useful in maintaining the security of the database and also the information held. In addition, these settings are also very useful in making deposits or withdrawals. Next, don't forget to write down the secret word provided.
  6. After pressing 'Next', the next step is to click 'Trading' which will later be directed to a bitcoin account and can choose an account starting from cent, mini, to classic. Read the description and explanation in the account carefully so that there will be no mistakes in choosing the type of account.
  7. Meanwhile, at the next stage, you are required to determine leverage, account currency, and trading password so that you can login through the trading platform on MT4. While the leverage that can be filled starts from 1:2 to 1:2000.


Is Exness India a Scam? By reading various reviews and looking at the financial statements and performance of Exness India, it will be easier to answer these questions. In essence, Exness India is very safe in trading, with a high level of security, so that each account will be well protected, easy to deposit and withdraw funds.