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3 Easy Ways to Resize Photos on iPhone iOS 11

The quality of the photos from the camera on the iPhone is unquestionable. You can make photos with the best results easily and quickly. However, problems usually arise when you want to share the photos with other users or upload them to the internet, especially when you have a fairly limited internet connection.

Easy ways to resize photos on iphone IOS

Resize feature to resize photos to be smaller, plays an important role. Unfortunately the Camera app on iOS devices doesn't have a resize feature so you have to use a few tricks that can make your photos smaller. Here are 3 easy ways to resize photos on iPhone with iOS 11.

Easy Ways to Resize Photos on iPhone iOS 11


1. Use the Resize Feature in the Mail App

Mail for iOS has a resize feature for photo documents that you will send. There are several size options ranging from Small to the original size of the photo document that you will use. Please compose an email message with a photo document attached from the Camera Roll, select the appropriate resize and send it to yourself to return to a smaller size photo.


2. Install Additional Apps

You can find a variety of photo editing applications with the main feature of resizing on the App Store. One that I have tried is Image Size which can be downloaded for free. This application has a resize mode with input sizes that you can set yourself or some standard sizes such as Letter paper size, Legal and several others.

In addition, photo editing applications with filter features also usually have a photo document export mode with adjustable size options. An example is VSCO, supports photo export mode in Small, Medium, Large to Real Size or according to the document you are using.

3. Cut and Take Only Important Parts

You do not need to use additional applications for this method. Just use crop mode or just cut the part of the photo that you don't need with the Edit feature in the Photos app. By cutting out the parts that are not needed, the photo document size will automatically become smaller and it doesn't require a lot of quota to send it to social media.


Addendum: Screenshots Are Sometimes Not The Solution

Usually I will display the still image in full screen mode and then take a screenshot to get the same image. The goal is to get a document with a smaller size. But it turns out that if you already use the HEIF photo format on iOS 11, the screenshot mode will actually produce an image document with a larger size. The comparison I get is 4MB of the original photo document from the camera and 9MB for the screenshot document in .PNG format on the iPhone 7 Plus screen.

This can be different if you use an iPhone with a smaller size or don't use the HEIF photo format because you are still using iOS 10 for example. Please try it yourself and share the results in the comments column yes! Do you have any other way to resize photos on iOS devices?