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This is the Powerful Way to Kill Lord Mobile Legends

Lord Mobile Legends is one of the biggest factors that determine whether the team can win or not. Victory in the game will be greatly influenced by the team that successfully summons the Lord. However, currently there are still a lot of players who don't understand how to summon Lord in the Mobile Legends game.

Powerful Way to Kill Lord Mobile Legends

Lord is one of the fictional characters in the Mobile Legends game and has great power. His form is like a giant robot whose size can reach five times an ordinary Hero. Initially, Lord only stayed in his base on the left or right of the map.Lord does not side with any team until a team has managed to kill him in any way.

When one of the two competing teams kills a Lord, that Lord will become an army. Lord has great damage with very thick defense. Lord also has other troops in the form of minions with sizes larger than minions in general.

That's a glimpse of the Lord in the Mobile Legends Game that you may not know. There were a lot of players who didn't understand how to kill the Lord in order to help the team. Players are often killed by Lord when they want to attack because the moment is not right. 

The following are some ways to kill a Lord without risking being killed or taken by the enemy team.

1. Pressing the "Attack Lord" chat button

First, you can kill Lord by ganging up on him with your teammates by pressing the "Attack Lord" chat button. Try, wait until all enemy members die so that the Lord is not stolen by the opposing team. By ganging up on him with the team, chances are Lord will die and become your teammate. However, it's also likely that one of the team members' Heroes will also die from being attacked by Lord.


2. Use a Hero Fighter, Mage, MM

The next way is to use a Hero Fighter who has reached the max level and is full of items. If your Hero has reached a phase like this, even Lord will be easily killed. You can also use Hero Marksman or Mage who are already in full item to kill Lord. Do not use Assassin, Tank or Support if you want to kill Lord alone because it will be useless.

3. MM, Mage, Fighter work together to attack Lord, and Tanks stand guard around Lord

Lord Mobile Legends really determines the final result of the match even though they have to fight. Which team managed to seize Lord as an ally by killing him, of course, had great potential to win. You can kill the Lord by ganging up on him or using a Hero Fighter, MM, Mage that is already full of items.