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Easy Ways to Overcome Lag and Slow on Android | Complete

Lag on Android is one of the problems that often occurs, feels slow and lags when opening or running applications make our emotions go up.
How to fix a lag and slow on android smartphone
This problem is generally caused by the fact that Android smartphones are not able to perform multitasking activities, because the specifications and performance they have are not strong enough. 

There are also several other contributing factors such as cache and activation of features that are not really needed. Because we often encounter this problem, will share tips and tricks according to the results of the live trials.

Here are several ways you can do on a smartphone to reduce lag on Android, let's see how.

How to fix a lag and slow on android smartphone.

1. Reduce concurrent open applications.

The more applications in the background, the smartphone will increase its RAM usage capacity, and if you open a new application it will make it heavier and feel slower.

To fix this, when you are already using an application, it is better to close it and don't leave it running in the background, delete the application from recent apps.

Especially in applications that drain a lot of energy on your Android smartphone, such as YouTube, games, browsers and other social media.

2. Restart the android smartphone.

Restart the smartphone if it has experienced severe lag, by restarting the smartphone it deletes the Android cache so that when it is finished restarting will return to normal. Restart at least every 1-3 days. It also depends on the intensity of use.

How to restart everyone already knows how to just hold down the power button and select restart.

3. Do not use live wallpapers.

Even though it will make the smartphone look cool and more attractive, installing a live wallpaper will make the smartphone take up a large RAM resource. It will also increase the smartphone RAM load if you run this wallpaper.

Just use a flat image or photo as wallpaper, in addition to lightening the burden on smartphones, it can also save on smartphone battery power usage.

4. Clear Application Cache.

Application cache is data that is stored automatically when using an application so that it is faster to access it when using the application again. 

Because it is stored automatically, you have to clear the cache frequently.

Applications that store the most cache, such as browsers, games, social media applications (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp) and Youtube applications.

 The application will store a lot of cache when it is used for a long duration of use.

To clear the application cache, you can do the following:
  • Click the Settings menu.
  • Look for the Applications menu.
  • Select the installed application, and select the application to remove the cache.
  • Click Delete Cache.
  • Done.
To find the location of the application settings menu on each smartphone, it is different for each smartphone, you can look for it in your smartphone's settings menu.

6. Turn off Some features.

Some features on Android can make a decrease in performance on smartphones with minimum specifications. Some of the features that can be deactivated as a solution to overcome Android lag and slow include:
  • Turn off the Auto Brigthness feature.
  • Turn off the Auto Rotate feature.
  • Remove multiple widgets.


By doing the tips on how to overcome the lag and slow android smartphone above, hopefully it can help reduce lag when you use your Android smartphone.

It should also be noted that every smartphone has a usage period, if you have done all the steps above and the results are not very satisfying on your smartphone, you may have to have a new smartphone.

By reading the comparison article Android with iOS, of course, you will get new considerations to buy one more smartphone.

Thank you, you can read other articles, greetings of success!