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How to turn off the iPhone Camera Sound Made in Japan without JailBreak

How to Turn Off Japanese iPhone Camera Sounds Without JailBreak - Taking pictures with an iPhone is indeed fun, because the iPhone is known to have great camera quality, so taking pictures or selfies with the iPhone can also be a good hobby.
Silent iphone camera sound
Taking photos nowadays has become a trend, taking pictures anytime and anywhere, including in public spaces, is now not a limitation, it aims to capture important moments with family, friends or partners.

But taking pictures with the sound of a camera might make us feel a little uncomfortable, especially if it's done in public, maybe it's a bit impolite.

So for that to be more precise and polite, of course turning off the camera sound is what you need to do, there is no need to be complicated to turn off the iPhone camera sound, you only need to activate silent mode and the camera sound will no longer appear.

However, the method above will not work for iPhone devices made in Japan, indeed the iPhone made in Japan is a little different, maybe because the policy of the local government which requires that the camera cannot be silent makes the iPhone made in Japan a little different.

So if you have a Japanese iPhone and want to mute the camera sound on the iPhone, you can try to follow the trick I will tell you below later.

There are many ways you can do to turn off the iPhone camera sound, either by using a third-party application, or also with basic tricks that are already on the iPhone. 

So, here's how 

Turn off the iPhone Camera Sound Made in Japan without JailBreak.

How to turn off the iPhone camera sound through the Music application

This first method we use the built-in iPhone music application, if the silent mode toggle button on the iPhone doesn't work for the camera then you can try it in the following way.
  • Open the iPhone's built-in music app
  • Then play a song
  • Then turn down the iPhone's volume until no sound appears.
  • Don't close the music app and keep the music playing.
  • Open the camera application, and try to take a photo, then the camera sound will no longer appear.

How to turn off iPhone camera sound with 3rd party applications

For the second way to mute the camera sound, we can take advantage of third-party applications to download / buy it on the App Store.

By using this camera application you can turn off the camera sound, you can only get mute access when using this camera, and it will not have an effect on the default application including silent mode.

Turning Off iPhone Camera Sounds With Notification Center

In this method we will use the notification center to trick the system into taking photos without sound.
  • First, how to open the default camera application on your iPhone, adjust the position and adjust the focus until it's ready to take photos.
  • Swipe down to display notification center, then try taking a photo with the volume button, then the camera sound on the iPhone will no longer be there.

How to turn off the iPhone Samera Voice through Assistive Touch

Now the last is through assistive touch, the way you only need to make a virtual button on assistive touch, here's how.
  • If you haven't activated assistive touch, you can activate it first by going to the Settings menu> General> Accessibility> Assistive Touch> Swipe Toggle Button to activate it.
  • If you are already active in the same window "Assistive Touch", select "Custom Top Level Menu Favorite", then add a Menu by tapping the + icon located in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • After a new menu appears then add the action by tapping on the + icon on the menu> then select "Mute".
  • To use it, open the camera application on your iPhone, then activate mute mode via the favorite assistive touch menu that we created earlier.
  • Try taking a photo, the camera shutter sound is no longer heard.


So that's the trick on how to turn off the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch camera sounds without jailbreak, hopefully it's clear and useful. If you have questions or objections, please write in the comments column. Also Read : 3 Easy Ways to Resize Photos on iPhone iOS