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How to Remove Default Applications from the iPhone Homescreen

How to Remove Default Applications from the iPhone Homescreen - Just like Android, the iPhone also has many factory default applications in it, some applications may be very useful for users, but not infrequently some applications are almost never used, it could be because of support in the region users who are not yet available or it could be that the user does not want to use these features or applications. And what happens is the application only fills the homescreen menu screen.
How to Remove Default Applications from the iPhone Homescreen
Have you ever thought about removing the application but confused about how to do it, maybe some users managed to get rid of it but by jailbreaking it first on the iDevice.

But in fact, without jailbreak we can remove it from the homescreen menu, by taking advantage of a minor bug on iOS we can remove the application icon from the iPhone homescreen menu.

This method is fairly safe because it doesn't interfere with the performance of the iPhone. 

Here's how

How to Remove the Default Application Icon on the iPhone and iPad Home Screen Menu

  1. First create a new folder on the homescreen, then enter the factory default application in that folder.
  2. Press and hold one of the application icons to enter the second page in the folder, then release.
  3. After that, slide again until you enter the third page, don't let go first, then press the home button with your other finger. Instantly the application will be thrown out and disappear.
  4. Then how do I restore or bring back the application icon. The trick is you only need to restart the iPhone then the homescreen menu will return to normal again.

This trick is suitable for tidying up the homescreen menu by removing application icons that are rarely used, in this way your iPhone and iPad homescreen menus are now getting more handsome because they are neatly organized, and you won't have a hard time finding applications that you use frequently.

Even though the default application has disappeared from the iPhone's homescreen menu, you can still access it from Spotlight, so if you need the application later, you don't have to bother restarting the iPhone.

Tester This trick works on iOS version 9.1 and iOS version 9.2, for versions below please try it yourself. It is likely that this flower gap will be closed in the next iOS update.