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15 Positive Changes Just From Changing the Mindset

Positive Changes Just From Changing the Mindset
Positive Changes Just From Changing the Mindset
It all starts when you realize that life can be either a blessing or a misery, depending on which way you look at it. 
    How my life concept changes, this is a journey for positive change, which is increasing energy to be more positive.

    Facts about Change

    If something is certain in this world, it is change. Such is the physical law of energy, that the nature of energy is changing from one form to another. Likewise with humans, change is a natural process that occurs from the time we are born until we leave this body, which is a continuous process of life. The question is, do you want to change for the better or for the worse? 

    Of course everyone will answer that they want to change for the better. However, many who just want to change for the better, but in reality do not really decide to change.

    Change in Thinking

    Change the way you think, then your life will change

    How to Change the Way of Thinking

    The first thing that makes us change is when we ourselves decide to want to change, when we are fully aware of how we are now, both in terms of mindset, physicality, environment, results that have been achieved, and so on, then accept it sincerely, and decide to want to change for the better or develop oneself. 

    From 'want' then we take small steps that we can do in front of our eyes, then there will be a force that leads us to continue to develop in a better direction, namely the direction we want.

    You won't be able to change everything at once, because every thing needs a process, step by step. When you decide to change, it's like playing a game, when you complete 1 level, the next level will appear. 

    When you succeed in changing a mindset, another enlightenment will emerge that will change your mindset at the next stage. At first, it may look like a collection of puzzles that have not been assembled, but step by step, you will get a common thread to connect the puzzles, and you will get a complete picture of what may still be confusing at first. 

    At that stage, you will understand something, your mindset has been different from before, and you will move again in a more advanced direction.

    Change Background

    Well, I really enjoy the process of learning life to continue to be more positive and create a positive life. All changes that occur start from the decision to change and the first thing that must be changed is the mindset.

    But before I realized this, I lacked a fundamental factor within myself, namely the wrong mindset that to be happy you have to be successful and have a lot of money first. 

    Since then, instead of continuing to ambition to pursue false material things, I focused on improving myself internally. It is true that when you change your mindset, your life will change.

    Negative becomes Positive

    The thing that changed my mindset was when I realized that my wrong mindset would make life not what I really wanted. I think that when I get a thing, then I will be happy. It turns out that happiness like this is very artificial because it only lasts a short time, when you get it. 

    A few days or weeks later, that happy feeling disappears again and becomes neutral, it can even become negative (unhappy again) when you want something else.

    Basically, I am one of those who think positively, aka always think that "Nothing is Impossible." When other people can do it, so can we. Again, I didn't realize that there were pieces missing from this positive thought. 

    Positive thoughts will not produce positive results if they are not accompanied by positive feelings. These positive feelings are the determining factors for your luck.

    When you think positively that you can, but your feelings deny it (not sure you can), then actually the energy that is created is 'you can't'. The magic door will open when you take the key to open it. 

    Positive thinking is like you consciously wanting to open the door, while positive feelings are like the key to opening it.

    When I realized this, the separate pieces of thought patterns began to come together. Immediately I realized that my mindset was reversed, my feelings were not yet positive even though my thoughts were quite positive, and my energy level was still low. 

    Immediately, I decided to continue learning to develop myself. Along the way, many new pieces have sprung up to continue to complement things that are still lacking.

    15 Positive Changes That Occur

    Precisely when I was in college in the middle semester, I experienced a down condition, a quite stressful condition that lasted a few days before I finally got a little enlightened to start improving and developing myself.

    And after I changed my mindset, which I will describe as follows, I felt that everything changed and one by one the happiness was getting bigger and bigger:
    1. Everything in this universe is energy, which vibrates at its respective frequency and attracts things of the same frequency with it. If your energy is positive, then you will attract more positive things, and vice versa.
    2. Being happy is a choice, you don't have to make the conditions complicated.
    3. When you are happy now, success will follow, you don't have to be successful first and then be happy.
    4. Give first then receive, many people will give if they feel they already have advantages. In fact, you are not given more when you are not giving.
    5. Focus on developing positive feelings, then your life will be more positive and attract more positive things. Feelings are much stronger than thoughts.
    6. Be grateful every day because there must be things to be grateful for. Even living alone is a blessing to be grateful for because life is beautiful when you live it right. Also be grateful for all the things you have.
    7. Love is a strong positive emotion. Life will be beautiful if it is equipped with love. Loving yourself is the first step to developing this feeling of love. Success is directly proportional to how much we love ourselves, because positive energy will radiate out when we love ourselves.
    8. Learn to let go of the things that are bothering you. Ask for the things you want by praying and just trusting in the process that will lead you to achieve what you want. Let it Go. Here, I learned to always include God's spiritual power in every process.
    9. Give more love to parents because they really love us. When we care about their needs, our needs will also be fulfilled on their own.
    10. Pay more attention to your own appearance, because your energy will also radiate from how you look.
    11. Wake up in the morning feeling positive and do positive affirmations while still half awake (in a theta state).
    12. Do meditation every morning (Fajr prayer to be given abundant sustenance if you are a Muslim).
    13. Read more books or watch videos that are useful for neck up investment. The point is consuming things that are more positive and useful.
    14. Train yourself to be more aware of the present and enjoy it (mindfulness and live in present).
    15. Money is only a tool and part of energy. You can use money to buy more things that are fun and happy, but don't exchange happiness and self-peace for money.
    There are still many things that need to be developed for a better direction, which makes life more beautiful and meaningful, both from a spiritual and material perspective.

    Life is Beautiful if you Know How to Live it.

    When you realize that life is a blessing, you will not waste it. You will use this opportunity to live your best life by becoming the best version of yourself. 

    By doing so, you will also have a positive impact on this world, both small and large. By just developing positive energy, you are already having a positive impact on the environment around you.

    Life is short, time flies, and we don't know what tomorrow will bring. Many people who are in good health may suddenly get sick and die. 

    Therefore, when we are still provided with good health, give thanks and spread positive things. Besides, getting rich is also a positive thing because then you will have lots of resources to spread more positives.

    Cheers to Good Life!