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Easy Ways to Divide Hard Disk Partitions in Windows 10 Correctly

Here's an easy way to share the correct hard drive partition in Windows 10. 

Dividing the hard disk partition provides several advantages for your Windows faster in opening files, searching and finding files. You can put your files according to type on different partitions.
Divide partition windows 10
In this article, will discuss thoroughly the tricks and tips on how to divide hard drive partitions in Windows 10. 

For how to divide this partition is quite easy to do and in Windows 10 itself you don't need to use additional software.

By dividing partitions on Windows, you will get various additional advantages besides those mentioned above, in the form of:
  • Organizing on files will be easier.
  • Mapping each folder will be easier because you can customize your partitions according to the purpose of dividing them.
  • And of course the data on other partitions will be safe if suddenly your hard disk system has a problem in the future.
Now for how to divide partitions in Windows 10. Here's the guide, make sure to follow step by step carefully so that no serious errors occur.

How to split partitions in Windows 10

1. First, type in search (usually on the start menu, click search) with the keyword "Computer Management" then click.

2. Once open, note the left menu and select "Storage" and click disk Management.

3. The name of the drive that was previously on your computer or laptop will appear.

4. Select the partition to be shared (Please select the drive that has a high capacity).

5. Right-click on the Drive name and click the Shrink Volume menu.

6. Wait for the loading process, and the partition division display will appear.

7. Now you fill in the number of partition sizes that will be distributed in the "Enter the Amount of space to shrink in MB".

Note: There is a formula to fill in the size.

Here is the formula for filling in the size of the Windows 10 hard drive partition:

  • First, determine the size of the partition you want to divide, for example, for 10 GB.
  • So because it must be entered in the size of MB so you change 10 GB to MB.
  • That is, every 1 GB = 1024 MB, which means that if you want to divide the 10 GB partition, write 10240 in that column.
  • Or if you want to divide 15 GB then write 15 x 1024 = 15360.
  • And like that for any size.
  • Make sure the size of the partition to be divided does not exceed the number in "Size of available shrink space in MB:" if it is more then the partition will not be divided.
8. Click the Shrink button. And wait for the partition division process.

9. Information will appear in the section there is an empty "Unallocated" partition of 10 GB. This partition is still unusable, so it can be used to continue to the next number.

10. Right-click on the empty partition, select New Simple Volume.

11. A pop up menu will appear, click the Next button.

12. Continue select Next.

13. Then select Drive letter. Next click next.

14. Next is to fill in the volume name or volume label, then select Next.

15. The final step is to click the Finish button and a new partition in Windows has been created.

16. The next stage is to restart your laptop / computer.

17. Check in Windows explorer the new disk that you created earlier.

18. Done, now your partition is divided into new partitions.


You can create a new partition again by repeating the steps above. Also make sure your partition is still enough to be divided again.

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