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How to Disable Vibration Alarm on iPhone

How to Disable Vibration Alarm on iPhone - Those of you who are reading this article may be bothered by a very strong iPhone alarm vibration, iPhone vibration is indeed very strong, especially if it is placed on a wooden table, very strong vibrations cause annoying noise, not only at alarm but also when ringing incoming calls and notifications.
Disable Vibration Alarm on iPhone
While in your pocket, maybe the strong iPhone vibrations are very helpful for alerting the user if there is a notification, but it would be different if it was placed on a wooden or glass table, because it will make a very noisy sound in the ear so it is very annoying.

Sound without vibration is actually enough to help users give a marker when there is a notification, if you want to set or deactivate vibration on the iPhone the method is quite easy, I will discuss this method in this article, please refer to the steps, ok?

Before discussing how to deactivate vibration on iPhone I want to share with you, Previously on iOS 8 and below there was only one setting to disable alarm vibration on the iPhone, but this setting not only disables alarm vibrations but also disables vibrations when ringing calls and notifications, different from iOS 8 on iOS 9 now you can disable alarm vibration only without deactivating vibration for calls or notifications, how do I? Check out the following tutorial.

How to Disable Vibration on iPhone Alarm

#Methods on iOS 9
  • Open the Clock App on your iPhone.
  • Open the Clock App on the iPhone
  • Touch Alarm from Bottom → Tap on Edit from the top left corner.
  • Tap on the alarm time.
  • Touch Sound / Beacon
  • Press on Vibration → Select None.
Now the method for disabling Vibration on iPhone Alarm above is only on iOS 9, for those who still use iOS below you can use the following method.

#Methods on iOS 8
  • Open the settings menu.
  • Touch Sound / sound.
  • Here you have two choices Vibrate on ring and Vibrate on silence. To deactivate please switch Of one or both, according to your wishes.
  • Done, Now you will no longer be bothered by the noise from the iPhone's alarm vibration.
Like I mentioned above, the iPhone has very strong vibrations. Especially for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 series, maybe a very strong vibration is caused because the series uses a thin frame. If you have an iPhone 4s and 5 maybe you can compare, the vibration on the iPhone 4s is smoother than the vibration on the iPhone 5

Thus the tutorial on how to disable vibration alarm on iPhone. Good luck !