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How to Disable Auto-Play Video Line Apps

How to Deactivate AutoPlay Video Line - Line Messenger is a social media and short message application, the line messenger application is currently being used a lot by smartphone users around the world, the user interface is attractive and rich in emoticons makes line messenger very popular.
How to Disable Auto-Play Video Line
Not only short messages and emoticons, the line messenger application also has other features such as games and comic reading services on the webtoon line.

In the line messenger application, users can share status, photos and videos, each post will appear on the time line and can be seen by all friends who have joined.

But do you know because the videos that appear on the timeline are auto-play or play automatically, this makes your internet data quota run out quickly, even when you don't want to watch it though.

To make videos on line not auto-play or automatically play, you can disable it. The trick, please refer to the steps below.

How to disable auto play videos on line

# 1. Open the line messenger application

# 2. Then enter the settings menu by tapping the gear icon at the top right of the line application

# 3. In the settings menu scroll down and find "Photos & Videos" then tap to open it

# 4. There are several options regarding photos and videos, to disable auto-play videos on the line, please swipe off the toggle button on "auto-play videos", from there you can also deactivate auto-downloading of photos, the same way as in auto-play videos. ie swipe-off on "auto-download photos".

You can also adjust the image quality on the line in the "photos quality (sent)" menu.

Oh yeah, for those who don't know, in the settings menu you can also set the chat theme, notification, timeline and others, please explore it yourself. May be useful.