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How to Make a Good Ads for Franchises ?

Make a Good Ads for Franchises

Making a Good Advertising for Franchises is the main key so that your franchise gets the attention and gets the right partner or franchisee. There are not many articles or tutorials that discuss how to make a good ad for a franchise business, even so a franchise ad is actually not much different from the types of advertisements for other businesses.


Good advertising criteria must meet the 5 basic rules of good advertising:

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Convection
  • Action

For a more detailed explanation will be discussed in the next article about the 5 criteria that must be advertised in your franchise.

Here are some guidelines that you can use to create a franchise business ad:


Use Powerful Words

Designing advertising words or copy-writing must be very careful, because a word can have different perceptions in different market segments. Use of words such as: Free Royalty Fee, Only US $ 500, BEP in 30 days, and the like are commonly used as Powerful Word. Of course other words you need to formulate to be a jack for your franchise advertising.


Use Photos or Illustrations

A photo will represent thousands of words written. The use of photos is very effective to give an idea of ??your franchise business. By using photos, you can show your logo, product, packaging, booth or business venue. In fact, you can also show consumers, business partners, office staff readiness, production equipment, to your own photo as a business owner.


Character and Typical Advertising Topology

Your franchise ad should have its own characteristics. The type of font / font used must be adjusted to the character of your franchise. The combination of colors and ad styles must support and strengthen your business image. If you have difficulty in determining the appropriate type, use or to look for examples of other franchise ads for comparison.


Include Testimonials

The quality of your products and the reliability of your franchise business will be delivered more straightforward and easily accepted if delivered by consumers or your business partners.
Testimonials from famous people will easily become a great pull for your potential franchise partner.

If you include a photo of the testimonial provider, don't forget to include the name, occupation or other identity to show that the testimonial is real, not the result of engineering.
Testimonials in the form of videos will certainly show the authenticity of their testimony and increase the power of breaking your ad.

Include Your Franchise Office Address

Tell the reader that your business is real, the product is real and is managed real. Including the office address, contact telephone number, photos of staff / service officers will increase the trust of your potential partners.


Give Limited Offers

Get a discount of 30% for partners who joined this month. The offer is limited and will be a good trigger for potential partners to join or register as soon as possible.


  1. Use Powerful Words
  2. Use Photos or Illustrations
  3. Character and Typical Advertising Topology
  4. Include Testimonials
  5. Include Your Franchise Office Address
  6. Give Limited Offers

Those are some tips that you can use to make good ads for franchising. If you have something to discuss, please contact us or fill in the comments field.