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If you face financial difficulties, if you want to make enough of the money, it means you have not convinced your subconscious mind that you will always be well off and have strengths. We know several people, men or women, who work several hours a week but earn a very large income. 
They do not bother and do not work to the bone. Don't believe the story that the only way to get rich is through sweat and hard work. That is not always. The best way to live is one without effort. Do what you love to do and do it for the joy and excitement of it.

    I have an acquaintance of an executive in Los Angeles who receives a salary of $75,000 a year. At that time he traveled around the world for nine months to see the beautiful places. He told me that he had succeeded in convincing his subconscious mind that he deserved such a salary. 

    He said that many people in his organization were paid only a few hundred dollars a week but knew more about his business than he was and were able to manage the company better than he did. The problem is, they don't have ambition, don't have creative ideas and don't know about the magic power of the subconscious mind.

    Wealth belongs to the mind

    Wealth is an unconscious belief in the parties concerned. We will not become millionaires by saying, "I'm a millionaire, I'm a millionaire." We will grow into wealth awareness by building on our mentality the ideas of wealth and abundance.


    Invisible life support

    The problem with most people is that they don't have an invisible life support. When a business fails, the stock market plummets or their investment collapses, they seem helpless. The cause of that uncertainty is ignorance of how to draw strength from the subconscious mind.

    Someone with a poverty type mind feels themselves in a poor condition. Other people whose minds contain ideas of wealth are surrounded by whatever they need. 

    There was never anyone who was meant for a poor life. You can have wealth, abundance and many advantages. Your words have the power to clear your mind of wrong ideas and to implant correct ideas instead.

    The ideal way to build wealth awareness

    Maybe when you read this chapter you say "I need wealth and success." If that's what you want, here's what you have to do: Repeat for five minutes three or four times a day the words, "Wealth-Success." These words have enormous power. 

    These words represent the secret power of the subconscious mind. Tie your mind to the power within you "Wealth". Furthermore, a feeling of richness will arise in you if you keep thinking about the idea of  wealth.

    Rich feelings produce wealth; keep this in mind. The subconscious mind is like a bank, a kind of universal financial institution. The subconscious mind enlarges everything we plant or impress in it, whether it's the idea of  wealth or the idea of  poverty. Choose wealth.

    Why did your affirmation of wealth fail?

    For thirty years I have talked to many people whose complaints are usually, "For weeks or months I have said 'I'm rich, I'm well-off,' but nothing happened." After researching, it turns out that when they say "I am rich, I am sufficient," they feel in their hearts that they are lying to themselves.

    Someone said to me, "I have made it clear to my subconscious mind that I am rich until I am exhausted. My situation is getting worse now. I know when I make a statement that I am rich and sufficient, it is clearly not true." Statements are rejected by the subconscious mind and the opposite of what is stated outside becomes manifest.

    Our assertion works best if the statement is unique and does not cause mental conflict or rebuttal in the mind; that is why the statement made by that person actually makes matters worse. 

    Our subconscious mind accepts what we feel is real, not empty words or statements. The dominant ideas or beliefs are always accepted by the subconscious mind.

    How to avoid mental conflict

    Here is an ideal way to overcome this conflict for someone who has difficulties like the one above. Make the following practical statements often, especially before going to bed: "I am fulfilled in all my interests day and night." This assertion will not arouse objections because it does not conflict with the impression of financial shortages in your subconscious mind.

    To a businessman who feels anxious and worried because sales and financial conditions are very low, I suggest that he sit in his office, keep quiet, then repeat the following statement: "My sales continue to rise every day." This statement drives cooperation between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind; the results followed.

    Do not sign a blank check

    What is meant by "signing a blank check" is if you make a statement like; "I am lacking," "I am not enough to live as I lack," "I will lose my home because I pawned," etc. If your mind is full of fear about the future, you also sign blank checks and invite negative circumstances. Your subconscious mind considers those fears and negative statements as your requests and starts in its own way causing difficulties, obstacles, deficiencies, limitations in your life.

    Your subconscious mind gives you double interest

    For those who have a feeling of being rich, more wealth will be added; for those who have feelings of lack, more deficiencies will be added. The subconscious mind multiplies and enlarges whatever is deposited on it. 

    Every morning, when you wake up, settle your mind about being, success, wealth and peace. Think about these concepts. Keep your mind occupied with these ideas as often as possible. These constructive thoughts will settle in your subconscious mind and bring abundance and sufficiency.

    Why nothing happened

    I can hear you say, "Oh, I did that, but nothing happened!" The results you hope for don't happen because you let fear fill your mind maybe the next ten minutes and neutralize the good things you have affirmed. If you have planted a seed in the ground, don't dig it again. Let it take root and grow.

    Suppose, you would say, "I won't be able to pay that much." Before you say further than, "I will not ..." stop and think about other constructive statements, for example, "I am satisfied day and night in all my needs."


    The real source of wealth

    Our subconscious mind never lacks ideas. In it there are unlimited ideas that are ready to flow into the conscious mind and appear as cash in our pocket books in many forms. This process will continue in our minds regardless whether the stock market goes up or down or whether the value of the pound or the dollar goes down. 

    Our wealth never really depends on stocks, bonds or money in the bank; all this is actually just a symbol that is needed and useful of course, but only a symbol.

    What I want to emphasize here is that if you convince your subconscious mind that you are rich and that wealth continues to circulate in your life, you always and cannot not have it, no matter what form it takes.

    Trying to make ends meet and the cause of the truth

    There are people who claim to always go to great lengths to make ends meet. They seem to have to fight hard to fulfill various obligations relating to finance. Have you ever listened to their conversation? Often the conversation flows in that direction. 

    They always curse those who succeed in this life and stand taller in a crowd. Maybe they say: "Ah, that person has a dark business; he is arbitrary cruel; he is a villain. " That is why they are lacking; they curse the things that they really want and need. 

    They condemn others who are more in their position because they are jealous and actually really want a state of adequacy that person has. The quickest way to make wealth evaporate and leave us is to criticize and condemn others who are richer than us.

    The most common stumbling block to wealth

    There is an emotion that causes a lack of wealth in the lives of many people. Many people learn this from bitter experiences. These emotions are jealousy. For example, if we see a competitor depositing a lot of money in a bank, while we can only save little by little, does that make us jealous? 

    The way to overcome this emotion is to say to yourself, "How amazing! I am glad to see that person. I hope he gets richer! "

    Saving feelings of jealousy has a self-destructive effect because these emotions put us in a very negative position; therefore, wealth flows from us, not to us. If you are unhappy and annoyed because of the existence and abundance of others, state directly to yourself that you pray for that person so that his wealth increases. 

    This will neutralize negative thoughts and cause wealth to flow to you according to the law of your own subconscious mind.

    Remove the inhibitors of wealth in the mind

    If our minds are disturbed and displeased because someone we think is amassing wealth is dishonest, stop worrying about that person. We know that such people use the law of mind negatively; the law of the mind will solve the problem. 

    Be careful, don't criticize him for the reasons stated above. Remember: Stumbling blocks and obstacles to the coming of your wealth are in your own mind. Now you can destroy the barrier. You can do this by having a good mental relationship with everyone.

    Sleep and be rich

    If you go to bed at night, practice the following techniques. Repeat the words "Wealth" calmly, relaxed and full of feeling. Say this repeatedly, like lull yourself into that word. Enter sleep with this one word, "Wealth." The results will surprise you. 

    Wealth will flow like a flood of you. Here is another example of the magical power of the subconscious mind.

    Take advantage of the secret power of your mind

    1. Decide to get rich the easy way with the help of the subconscious mind.
    2. Trying to accumulate wealth with sweat and work toil is one way to become the richest person in the tomb. We do not need to bother and work with toil.
    3. Wealth is an unconscious belief. Build in your mentality the idea of wealth.
    4. The difficulty for most people is that they have no way to support an invisible life.
    5. Repeat the word, "Wealth," to yourself slowly calmly for about five minutes before going to sleep and your subconscious mind will bring that wealth into your experience.
    6. Feelings of wealth bring wealth. Remember this always.
    7. The conscious mind and subconscious mind must agree. The subconscious mind affirms what we actually feel to be true. The dominant idea is always accepted by the subconscious mind. The dominant idea is wealth, not poverty.
    8. We can overcome any mental conflict about wealth by often emphasizing, "Day and night, I am always fulfilled in all my interests."
    9. Raise your business sales numbers with the following statement over and over: "Sales numbers keep going up every day; I keep going, I get richer every day. "
    10. Stop "writing a blank check," such as, "I don't have enough to meet all needs," or, "I'm deficient," etc. Such statements enlarge and fold our shortcomings.
    11. Cultivate thoughts about wealth, existence and success in your subconscious mind, like people save in a bank and the subconscious mind will give you double the interest.
    12. What you consciously state, don't argue in the mind a few moments later. This will neutralize the good state that you have planted.
    13. The true source of your wealth consists of ideas in your mind. You can have millions of dollars worth of ideas. Your subconscious mind will give you the ideas you are looking for.
    14. Envy and jealousy are a stumbling block to the flow of wealth. Cheer for the wealth and welfare of others.
    15. Barriers to wealth are your own thoughts. Break that obstacle right now by having a good mental relationship with everyone.


    It is your right to be rich. You are in this world to live a prosperous and happy, bright and free life. Therefore, you must have money to live a complete, happy and prosperous life.

    You are here to grow, develop and bloom spiritually, mentally and materially. You have an irrevocable right to develop fully and express yourself according to all of these pathways. You must surround yourself with beauty and luxury.

    Why be satisfied with just survival if you can enjoy all the riches of the subconscious mind? In this chapter we will learn to make friends with money and we will always have a surplus. Our desire to be rich is a desire for a fuller life, a cosmic drive. This desire is not only good, but very good.


    Money is a symbol

    Money is a symbol of exchange. Money not only means freedom from deprivation, but also means beauty, luxury, abundance and progress. Money is a symbol of the economic health of a nation. When blood circulates freely in our body, we are healthy. 

    When money circulates freely in our lives, we are economically healthy. When people start to hoard money, store it in tin boxes and suffer from fear, it means that they are economically unhealthy. Money has taken many forms as a means of exchange over time, such as salt, beads and various kinds of jewelry. 

    In the past, people's wealth was measured by the number of goats and cows they owned. Now we use money and other tools that can be bought and sold, because it is far easier to write a check than to carry around a few goats to pay for something.

    How do we follow the easy path to wealth

    Knowledge of the power of the subconscious mind is a means to the easy path to all kinds of wealth - spiritual, mental and financial. People who study the law of the mind will be sure and know for sure that regardless of the economic situation, the ups and downs of stock prices, depression, strikes, wars and other conditions and situations, he will always be adequate, whatever the form of money. 

    Because, he has conveyed the idea of wealth to his subconscious mind and the subconscious mind will provide what he needs. If there is a financial collapse of the government and all of its securities become worthless, like the value of the German Mark after the First World War, he will still get his wealth and needs fulfilled, no matter what form of money applies.

    Why don't you choose more money

    As you read this chapter, you may be thinking, "I should receive more salary than I am receiving now." I am sure that most people get rewards below what they deserve. One reason why many people don't have more money is because they secretly or openly condemn money. 

    In talking about money they say "dirty money," or "love of money is the root of all evil." Another reason why people are not well off is the existence of a subconscious feeling that states poverty as the primacy of life. This subconscious mind pattern may be due to education in childhood, superstition or misinterpretation of the Scriptures.

    Money and a balanced life

    Someone once said to me: "I am not a bear. I do not like money. Money is the source of all evil. "Statements like these represent a chaotic neurotic mind. Love for money to put aside everything else will cause us to be biased and unbalanced. 

    Here we must use power and authority wisely. There are people who chase after power, some are after money. If we pursue money and say: "Money is the only thing I want; I will focus all my attention to hoard money; I don't think anything other than money, we will get money and wealth, but we forget that in this world we must live in balance. 

    We must also fulfill the desire for peace, harmony, love, joy and physical health. By making money our only goal, we make wrong thoughts. We think that money is all we need, but then it will turn out that it's not only the money we need in life. 

    We also need to reveal other hidden talents, we need the right place in life, beauty and joy because they contribute to the welfare and success of others. By learning to know the law of the subconscious mind, we can have millions of dollars, if we want to and still have inner peace, harmony, good health and perfect self-expression.

    Poverty is a disease of the mind

    There is no virtue in poverty; poverty is a disease like other mental illnesses. If we are physically ill, we will think that something is wrong. We will seek help and do something as soon as possible. Likewise, if we don't have money always circulating in our lives, something is wrong with us fundamentally.

    The impetus for the principles of life in us is towards growth, development and a more abundant life. We were born in a world not to live in huts, dressed in rags and suffering from hunger. We must be happy, prosperous and successful.

    Why can't we criticize money

    Clear your mind of all the ridiculous and superstitious beliefs about money. Never assume that money is evil and dirty. If we think so, money will fly away from us. Remember that we will lose what we curse. We cannot possibly attract what we criticize.


    Get the right attitude towards money

    This is a simple technique that you can use to multiply money in your experience. Use this statement several times a day: "I love money, I love it, I use it wisely, constructively and with a firm stand. 

    Money is always circulating in my life, I release it happily and money will multiply again in an amazing way. Money is good, very good. Money flows to me in abundance. I use money only for good things and I am grateful for what is good and for all the wealth in my mind. 

    How scientific thinkers view money

    Suppose, for example, you find gold, silver, lead, copper or iron in the ground. Are you going to declare these items as evil? All evil comes from the dark understanding of man, from his ignorance, from the wrong interpretation of life and from the abuse of his subconscious mind. Uranium, lead or other metals can be used as a medium of exchange. 

    We use paper money, checks, gold coins, nickel, silver; of course, none of that is evil. Physicists and chemists today know that the only difference between one metal and another metal is the number and rate of motion of electrons that revolve around a central nucleus. Now people can change one metal into another metal by pounding the atoms in a very strong cyclotron. 

    Gold in certain circumstances becomes mercury. I believe that in the near future modern scientists will be able to synthetically make gold, silver and other metals in chemical laboratories. The cost may be an obstacle, but it can be done. I can't imagine anyone who has intelligence will see something evil in electrons, neutrons, protons and isotopes.

    The paper in your pocket is made up of atoms and molecules whose electrons and protons are arranged with different amounts and levels of movement. That is the only difference from silver paper in your pocket anyway.


    How to attract the money we need

    A few years ago in Australia I met a boy who wanted to be a doctor and surgeon, but he had no money. I explained to him how a seed planted in the ground attracted everything needed to develop and the only thing the boy needed was to take the seed and plant the idea in his subconscious mind. To pay for his education, this young man cleans the offices of doctors, cleans windows and does repairs. 

    He told me that every night, every time he would sleep, he imagined in his mind a doctor's certificate hanging on the wall with his name written conspicuously. He used to clean diplomas that were given a frame in his place of work. 

    For him it is not difficult to carve a picture of a diploma in his mind and develop it there. A clear result followed while he maintained that picture of thought every time he would sleep for four months.

    The story of the young man is truly interesting. One of the doctors liked him very much and after training him in sterilizing medical devices, giving injections and carrying out some work in first aid, he appointed him as a technical assistant in his office. 

    Later the doctor sent him to medical school and paid for it. Now, the young man has become a famous doctor in Montreal, Canada. He discovered the law of attraction by using his subconscious mind correctly. He applied an old law that said, "After seeing the goal, he has wanted a way to realize that goal." The aim of the young man is to become a doctor.

    The young man was able to imagine, see and feel the reality of being a doctor. He lived with the idea, defended it, lived it and loved it until through his imagination the idea penetrated the layers of the subconscious mind and became a belief and thus attracted him everything needed for the realization of the dream.

    Why do some people not get a raise

    If we work for a large organization and we quietly do not think and are annoyed about the fact that we are underpaid, that we are underappreciated and that we deserve higher salaries and rewards, in our subconscious mind we break our bond with the organization the. 

    We move a law and the supervisor or manager will say, "We have to let you go." Actually we are releasing ourselves. The manager is only a tool for the realization of our negative circumstances. This is an example of the law of action and reaction. The action is our mind and its reaction is the response of our subconscious mind.

    Barriers and hardships on the road to wealth

    I'm sure you've heard people say, "That person has a dark business." "He is a corruptor." "He got money dishonestly." "He is a con artist." "I knew him at that time with nothing." "He is a criminal, a thief and a cheat."

    If you analyze the person who talks like that, it turns out that he is usually deficient and suffers from physical and financial illness. Maybe his former coworkers achieved success and were more successful than him. Now he is jealous and hates his friend's progress. 

    This is often the cause of his downfall. Thinking negatively about a former classmate and cursing his wealth causes his coveted wealth and well-being to disappear and move away from him. He cursed what he wanted.

    He prayed in two directions. At one time he said, "Wealth flows to me now," and at the next moment he, without a voice or voice, said, "I hate that person's wealth." Always specifically express joy over the wealth of others.

    Protect your investment

    If you are looking for wisdom about investing your money or if you are worried about your stocks and bonds, quietly state, "The highest intelligence controls and oversees all my financial transactions and whatever I do will benefit." 

    Do this often and it will turn out to you that investing money is wise; what's more, you will be protected from loss, because you will get the urge to sell your shares and securities before you incur a loss.

    It is impossible to get something from zero

    In large stores management uses special detectives to prevent theft. Every day they catch a number of people who want to get something from zero. Such people live in an atmosphere of mental deprivation and limitations and steal from themselves peace, harmony, trust, honesty, integrity, goodwill and self-confidence. 

    In addition, they attract to themselves all kinds of losses such as loss of character, loss of self-esteem, social status and peace of mind. These people do not have confidence in the source of the supply and understanding of how their minds work. 

    If they want in their minds to ask for help from the subconscious mind and demand that they be guided to the fulfillment of their desires, they will find a job and a steady income. Then, because of honesty, sincerity and perseverance, they will become a trusted person for themselves and society in general.

    A steady supply of money

    Being aware of the power of the subconscious mind and the creative power of the mind and mental picture are the path to the existence, freedom and a permanent supply of money. Accept life abundantly in your own mind. 

    Mental acceptance and hope for wealth have their own mathematics and mechanics to fulfill those expectations. Once you enter the state of abundant mind, everything that is needed for adequate life will come alone.

    Let this become your daily reality; write this in your heart: "I am united with the unlimited wealth of my subconscious mind. It is my right to be rich, to be happy and successful. Money flows to me freely, a lot and without stopping. I am always aware of my own values. I give the results of my talent for free and I am financially blessed. It is truly amazing. "


    Steps to wealth

    1. Dare to state that it is your right to be rich and your subconscious mind will respect you.
    2. You don't want just enough not to starve. You need all the money you need to do everything you want at the time you want. Get to know the wealth of your subconscious mind.
    3. If money is circulating freely in your life, you are economically healthy. Look at money like a tide and you will always have enough. Rise and fall of the tide is common. If the tide is not there, you are absolutely sure that the tide will return.
    4. As long as you know the law of the subconscious mind, you will always get a supply of money, whatever its form.
    5. One reason why many people only have money just to stay alive and never have enough is their attitude that condemns money. What you curse will fly away from you.
    6. Don't deify money. The money is only a symbol. Remember that true wealth is in your mind. You are here to live a balanced life - this includes all the money you need.
    7. Don't make money your only goal. Demand wealth, happiness, peace and love and personally radiate love and goodwill to all people. If so, your subconscious mind will give double interest in all these fields.
    8. There is no virtue in poverty. Poverty is a disease of the mind and you must cure this illness or mental conflict as soon as possible.
    9. You are not here to live in a hut, dress in rags or suffer from hunger. You are here to live more abundantly.
    10. Never say the words, "Money is evil" or "I hate money." You will lose what you hate. Nothing is good or bad, but thinking about something as good or bad will make it good or bad.
    11. Repeat often, "I love money. I use money wisely and constructively. I spend my money happily and the money multiplies again.
    12. Money is not evil than copper, lead, lead or iron that you might find in the ground. All evil is the result of ignorance and abuse of the power of the mind.
    13. Describing the end result in mind will cause the subconscious mind to answer and fulfill your mental picture.
    14. Stop trying to find anything from zero. There is no such thing as free eating. We must give to receive. We must pay attention to our goals, ideals and efforts and our subconscious mind will support us. The key to wealth is the application of the law of the subconscious mind by instilling the idea of wealth in it.

    Three steps to success

    We talked about three steps to success:


    The first step is to find what we most like to do, then do it. Success is in loving work. However, if someone is a psychiatrist, for example, it is not enough for him to have a diploma and hang it on the wall; he still has to go with the times, follow the meetings in his field and continue to study the mind and how it works. 

    Successful psychiatrists come to clinics and read the latest scientific articles. In other words, he knows the most advanced methods to alleviate human suffering. A successful psychiatrist or doctor must have attention and interest in his heart for his patients.

    Maybe a reader asks: "How can I apply this first step? I don't know what to do." If so, pray for guidance as follows. "Unlimited intelligence in my subconscious mind reveals my true place in life to me." 

    Repeat this prayer calmly, positively and lovingly to your innermost thoughts. If you continue to ask with trust and confidence, the answer will appear in you in the form of feelings, hunches or tendencies in a certain direction. That answer will come clearly and in peace and as an inner awareness.


    The second step to success is to specialize in a particular branch of work and find out more about that branch than others. For example, if a young man chooses chemistry as his profession, he must concentrate on one of the many branches. 

    He must be enthusiastic enough to try to find out what he can know in the field. If possible, he must pay attention passionately to his work and must want to be useful to the world.

    Who is the greatest of you, let him be your servant. There is a big contrast in this attitude of mind in comparison with the attitude of people who just want to earn a living or are just looking for a "life supplement." A person's motives must be bigger, nobler, more altruistic. He must serve others and thus do charity with no strings attached.


    The third step is the most important. We must be certain that what we want to do is not just for our success. Our desires must not be selfish; that desire must bring good for humanity. 

    The path of a complete round must be formed in other words; our ideas must arise with the aim of providing blessings or service to the world. The idea will then return to us in a steady, coherent or overflowing state. 

    If the idea is only concerned with one's own benefit, a complete circle or cycle is not formed and we will experience a short circuit in life in the form of various limitations and diseases.

    The true measure of success

    Some people might say, "But, Pak Anu gets his wealth from selling fake oil." Someone might look temporarily successful, but money earned through fraud will usually fly away. If we rob someone else's property, we rob ourselves of ourselves, because we are in a state of mind lacking and limiting, which may reveal ourselves in our bodies, our home life and our affairs. 

    We create what we think, what we feel. We create what we believe in. Even though someone might pile up treasure by deception, he is not successful. No success without peace of soul. What is the point of accumulating wealth if he cannot sleep through the night, if he is sick or has guilt?

    I know someone in London who tells about his work. He is an accomplished pickpocket and has collected a lot of money from pickpocketing. He chose a summer home in France and luxurious living in England. 

    According to his confession, he was always chased by fear of being captured by Scotland Yard. He has a mental disorder that is clearly caused by worry and a complex of guilt deep inside him. He knew that he had done wrong. A deep guilt draws all sorts of difficulties on him. Finally, he volunteered himself to the police and served a prison sentence. 

    After his release from prison, he sought psychological and spiritual advice and became completely transformed. He works and is an honest and loyal citizen of the law. He found what he liked to do and he was happy.

    A successful person loves his work and expresses himself fully. Success is related to the ideal that is higher than just accumulating wealth. Successful people are people who have a high psychological and spiritual understanding. Many industrialists today depend on the proper use of the subconscious mind for their success.

    There was an article in the newspaper a few years ago about Flagler, an oil king. He claimed that the secret to his success was his ability to see a project in the form of completion. 

    For example, he closed his eyes, imagined a large oil industry, saw trains running on rails, heard whistles sounding and saw smoke rising. After seeing and feeling the fulfillment of his prayer, the subconscious mind realizes it. 

    If we clearly describe our purpose, we will get what we need for it, in ways we don't know, through the secret power of the subconscious mind.

    The most important thing is that ALLAH must be in our hearts, we must be sure and aware of the abundance that ALLAH will give us.

    How he realized his dream

    A film star said that he had received very little education, but he had a dream as a child to become a successful film star. In the fields while he was harvesting crops, herding cows into cages or milking them, he always said, "I always imagined my name stuck with conspicuous writing in a big theater. 

    I imagined this picture over and over until finally I ran away from home. I got additional work in the film industry and finally as I imagined since childhood! " Then he added, "I know the constant power of imagination to bring success."

    His dream drugstore came true

    Thirty years ago, I knew a young pharmacist who received forty dollars a week plus a sales commission. "After twenty years of work," the man told me, "I will get a pension and stop working."

    I said to the young man, "Why don't you have your own drugstore? Quit this job. Raise your goals! Build dreams for children. Maybe your son wants to be a doctor; maybe your daughter wants to become a great musician. "

    The answer, he has no money! Then he began to realize the fact that anything that could be thought of as real could come true.

    The first step to this goal is the awareness of the power of the subconscious mind which I have briefly explained to him. The second step is his awareness that if he can convey an idea to his subconscious mind, this subconscious mind will realize that idea, both form and way.

    This person starts by imagining that he is inside his own drugstore. In his mind, he arranged the bottles, filled the recipes and several shop assistants who stood in the shop serving the shoppers. He also imagined an impressive bank account. 

    In his mind he worked in his shadow shop. Like a good actor he lives according to his role. Act as if I am the person I am playing and this will be the case. This pharmacist plays that role wholeheartedly, by living, moving and acting with the supposition that he owns the shop.

    The order of the story is really interesting. He was dismissed from his position. He got another job at a large chain store, became a manager and later, a district manager. He raised enough money in four years to buy a drugstore. He called his shop "Dream drug store"

    "This is exactly the drugstore I imagined in my imagination," he said. He became a very successful person in his field and he was happy to do what he liked.

    Using the subconscious mind in business

    A few years ago I lectured a group of entrepreneurs about the power of imagination and the subconscious mind. In this lecture I show how Goethe uses his imagination wisely when he faces difficulties and dangerous circumstances.

    His biographers say that he used to fill a lot of his time quietly and hold imaginary talks. Quite well known, Goethe's habit of imagining one of his friends sitting in the chair in front of him and answering his questions correctly. 

    In other words, if he was facing any problem, he imagined imagining his friend giving the right and suitable answer, accompanied by the usual gestures and tone of voice and he made the imaginary scene as alive as possible.

    One of my college followers is a stock broker. He began to follow the Goethe way. He began holding imaginary talks with a friend, a wealthy banker, who often praised him for his wise and healthy decision and congratulated him on buying the right stock. He used to dramatize this delusional conversation until he psychologically made it a form of trust in his mind.

    This illusory discussion and the controlled imagination of stock brokers is certainly in line with its purpose, which is making the right investment for its clients. The ultimate goal in life is to raise money for clients and make them prosper financially with the right advice. 

    He is now still using his subconscious mind in business and he is still brilliant and successful in his line of business.

    Sixteen-year-olds turn failures into successes

    A boy who was still in high school said to me: "I always get bad grades, my memory is very weak. I don't know what my problem is." As it turned out, after I learned, the problem was none other than his attitude of being indifferent and disliking some of his teachers and classmates. 

    I taught him how he had to move his subconscious mind and how he could succeed in his studies.

    He began to assert several truths over and over again a day, especially at bedtime and also in the morning after waking up. This is the best time to fill the subconscious mind.

    He said the following: "I realize that my subconscious mind is a store of my memory. It stores everything I read and hear from my teacher.

     I have a perfect memory and unlimited intelligence in my subconscious mind always reveals to me whatever I need in the test, written or oral. I radiate love and goodwill to all my teachers and classmates. I pray earnestly that they succeed and get everything good.

    The young man now enjoys greater freedom than ever. He always gets good grades. He always imagined the teachers and his mother congratulating them on their success in their studies.

    How to be successful in buying and selling

    In selling, remember that like a car, the conscious mind is a starter and the unconscious mind is the engine. We have to start the engine so the machine can do its job. The conscious mind is a dynamo that awakens the power of the subconscious mind.

    The first step in conveying our desires, ideas or images to the subconscious mind is to relax, hold attention, remain motionless and speechless. This attitude of peaceful, calm and relaxed mind prevents the entry of outside and false ideas so that it interferes with the mind in absorbing our ideal ideas.

    In addition, in this attitude of peaceful, passive and receptive thoughts, efforts are minimized to a minimum.

    The second step is to begin to imagine the reality of what we want. For example, maybe you want to buy a house and in a relaxed state you say the following: "Unlimited intelligence in the subconscious mind is very wise. 

    He showed me my ideal dream home, located in a pleasant environment, fulfilling all my needs and in accordance with my income. I submit this request to my subconscious mind and I know that my subconscious mind responds according to the nature of my request. 

    I let go of this request with absolute confidence and trust like the belief of a farmer while he is planting seeds in the ground, by putting trust in the law of growing.

    The answer to your prayer may come through an advertisement in the newspaper, through a friend or you may be guided directly to a particular home that is exactly what you want. There are many ways for your prayers to be answered. 

    The basic knowledge, which you can trust, is that the answer always comes, provided you believe in your subconscious mind and believe in ALLAH who guides you..

    You might want to sell the house, land or whatever. In a private consultation with a real estate broker, I told them how I sold my own land on Orlando Avenue in Los Angeles. Many of them have applied the techniques that I use with fast and encouraging results. 

    I put up a sign that said, "Sold by the owner" in the yard in front of the house. The day before, I said to myself before going to sleep, "If you manage to sell the house, what will you do?"

    I answered my own question by saying, "I will hold the plank and I will pull it off the ground. I'll flank the board, go to the garage, throw it on the floor and say to the board jokingly, "I don't need you anymore!" I am satisfied, the work of the board is complete.

    The next day, a man came and gave a $1,000 payment, saying, "Remove the board. We make a sale agreement. "

    Immediately I pulled out the board and carried it to the garage. Actions are born in line with actions in my mind. There is nothing new about this. 

    How inside, that is outside, it means according to what is impressed in the subconscious mind, that is what appears on the objective screen of life. The outside reflects the inside. Actions are born following inner actions.

    This is another method that was once used to sell a house or any item. Point out slowly, calmly and feeling these words: "The infinite intelligence in my subconscious mind attracts to me the buyer of this home who needs it and who is happy in it. 

    The buyer was sent to me by the creative intelligence of my subconscious mind that never made a mistake. This buyer may see many other houses, but this is the only one he wants and will buy, because he is guided by unlimited intelligence in his mind. 

    I know the buyer is right, the time is right and the price is right. Everything about buying and selling is right. The flow in my subconscious mind is now working to bring us together according to the divine organizer. I know that is the case. "

    Always remember, that what you are looking for is also looking for you, whenever you want to sell a house or anything, there is always someone who wants what you will sell it. By using your subconscious mind properly, you free your mind from all kinds of competition and worries in buying and selling.

    A technique used by many prominent executives and entrepreneurs

    There are many prominent entrepreneurs who quietly use the abstract term, "success", repeatedly every day until they reach the belief that success is theirs. They know that the idea of success contains all the basic elements of success.

    Likewise, we can start right now with the word, "success" to ourselves with trust and confidence. Our subconscious mind will accept it as real and we will be under the subconscious urge to succeed.

    We are forced to realize our beliefs, impressions and subjective beliefs. What is the meaning of success for us. We certainly want to be successful in family life and in our relationships with others. We want to stand out in the jobs or professions we have chosen. 

    We want to have a good home and the money we need to live comfortably and happily. We want to succeed in our prayer life and in our contact with the power of our subconscious mind.

    We are all business people too because we all exist in the business of life. Become a successful business person by portraying yourself doing what we want to do and having what we have. Be a person who is full of imagination; mentally participate in the reality of a state of success. 

    Make it a fixed habit. Sleep with a feeling of success every night and be fully satisfied and you will gradually succeed in implanting the idea of success in your subconscious mind. Believe that you were born to succeed and miracles will happen for you to pray! Sincerely ask ALLAH to be given success.


    Useful hints

    1. Success means living successfully. If we are peaceful, happy, full of joy and doing what we like, we are successful.
    2. Find out what you like to do, then do it. If you don't know the exact expression, ask for guidance and you will get a clue.
    3. Specialize in your particular field and try to understand more about that field than anyone.
    4. A successful person is not selfish. His main desire in life is to serve humanity.
    5. There is no real success without peace of mind.
    6. A successful person has a high psychological and spiritual understanding.
    7. If we imagine a goal clearly, it will be available to us all our needs through the miraculous power of our subconscious mind.
    8. Our thoughts that are integrated with feelings become a subjective belief and become you according to your faith.
    9. The power of imagination that is maintained continues to attract the emergence of magical powers of the subconscious mind.
    10. If you want a promotion at work, imagine your employer, supervisor or lover congratulates you on your promotion. Make your imagination alive and real. Listen to the sound, look at the movements and feel the reality of all that. Continue to do this often every day and after so often the picture fills your mind, you will experience the joy of fulfilling your prayers.
    11. The subconscious mind is a repository of memories. To have perfect memories, reiterate repeatedly: "Unlimited intelligence in my subconscious mind tells me what needs to be known at any time, at any place."
    12. If you want to sell your house or property in any form, emphasize the following words slowly, calmly and emotionally: "Unlimited intelligence in my subconscious mind attracts me the buyer of this house and mine, who wants it and who will experience prosperity in it." Maintain this awareness and the current in your subconscious mind will manifest your desires.
    13. The idea of success contains all the elements of success. Repeat the word "success" to yourself over and over with confidence and trust and you will be under the compulsion of the subconscious mind to succeed.


    Thank you for reading How To Use UNDERCONSCIOUS POWER To Get WEALTH I hope all of you will be given success soon. Please feel free to read our other great articles. Greetings extraordinary success!