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How to make Instagram Swipe Up without 10,000 followers

How to swipe up on Instagram - Often see stories that contain a message asking to “Swipe Up” and when you do, you are connected to a new link?
Instagram Swipe Up without 10,000 followers
Instagram has a new feature, namely "Swipe Up or Swipe Up" to make it easier for business people to link links through insta stories.

But how to make a swipe up in ig is not too difficult but it requires some action and also requirements.

Not all Instagram accounts can support this feature so you can't swipe up Instagram.

There are several terms and conditions that apply so you can do a swipe up on your Instagram account.

Wow, so curious how do you make your account like the accounts of influencers or celebrities?

Here is an Instagram Swipe Up guide that you can try to do

Discussion on how to swipe up on Instagram

Instagram Stories allow you to be more tactical with your Instagram Story, leading to more clicks and conversions.

Marketers know very well that Instagram doesn't offer many ways of adding links to posts.

Changing the link to your bio can be a tedious way of marketing, especially if you post your feed several times a day and want to link to a different landing page.

However, with an account that meets the criteria, you can add a Swipe Up link to your Instagram story.

Instagram Swipe Up is especially useful because it allows businesses to promote products, blog posts, and link to landing pages.

When a link is added to a Story, viewers can tap the arrow at the bottom of their screen or swipe up the Instagram Story to access the link.

Unfortunately, to get the Swipe Up Instagram feature, there are a number of Instagram swipe up requirements that your Instagram account must have.

Yes, the account must be a business profile and must have more than 10,000 followers or the account has to be verified.
Many are asking how to swipe up on Instagram or how to swipe up on Instagram without 10k followers. The answer is you have to be an artist and hope to get a verification or check from Instagram hehehe. Ok the title is just kidding, the truth is if you want to swipe up on Instagram you have to comply with the rules.
So, if celebrities, public figures, and a brand's business account have been verified even though the number of followers is not yet 10k followers, then the account can already access the swipe up feature on Instagram.

How to Swipe Up Instagram

Steps on how to swipe up on Instagram
After the conditions are met, here are the steps on how to swipe up on Instagram that you can follow.
  • The first step to adding Swipe Up is to start creating an Instagram Story.
  • Next, take a photo or video directly in the Instagram Stories app, or import an existing image from your camera roll or gallery.
  • After that tap on the link icon at the top right side of the screen.
  • Then a pop-up will appear allowing you to paste the link of your choice.
  • Add URL by tapping the green check mark to save the link.
  • After that look at the "linked" image and the hyperlink icon on the top right should be white.
  • Double check whether your IG story is linked to a specific blog post, page or product on the website to which you are linking
  • When finished, then immediately post your Instagram story.
Now, because the goal of Swipe Up is to persuade followers to take action after watching your Instagram story, then make sure that the link you pasted is correct.

Instagram's Swipe Up feature is the easiest way to increase traffic and sales with a single tap.

This Swipe Up feature is a great way to connect with your target audience and attract more visits to your business website.
Platform to build your business brand


With 800 million active users and counting, Instagram is a great platform to build your business brand.

Taking advantage of this Instagram Story feature will help you increase website traffic.

For those of you who want to take advantage of the Swipe Up Instagram feature, make sure your account meets the requirements mentioned above, yes!

How to swipe up on IG cannot be done if it does not meet the specified criteria.

That's the entire contents of our article this time about how to swipe up Instagram. 

That's all and good luck.