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How to Know / Change a Forgotten Instagram Password

As a social media that allows users to post content both photos and videos, Instagram offers unique and different features that have become one of the most popular social media platforms in the past few years.
Forgotten Instagram Password
To be able to access this social media platform, users are required to have a registered email account with a password that is known only to each user.

Unfortunately, many users find it a little difficult to know their own password, especially when the password has not been recorded. Then is there an easy way to find out?

How to Know / Change a Forgot Instagram Password?

Have you ever forgotten the password used to log into your Instagram account?

Basically there are several ways you can do to find out or change the Instagram password you forgot.

Among them is by using email and using your cellphone number. Check out the following review to find out the steps.

1. How to know or change a forgotten Instagram password via the Instagram application

If you frequently access the Instagram Android application via a smartphone, you can follow the steps below to find out your forgotten password:

• Start by opening the Instagram application that has been installed on your cellphone

• Then go to the “edit profile” menu at the top of the screen below your followers and following lists

• To be able to find out your password, continue by deleting the email address that was previously linked in the email field. This is so that your Instagram password can be sent via SMS to a verified cellphone number

• Continue by going back to your Instagram profile and looking for the Instagram menu icon which is located in the upper right corner of the screen, then click on password

• Continue by opening the SMS containing your password link

• Continue entering any passwords you may remember

• Continue until the notification 'use a password other than the one already used'

• If a notification appears, then try to log back into your Instagram account with the password you just got

• Don't forget to re-write down the password that you just got to avoid the possibility of forgetting the password again

2. How to know or change a forgotten Instagram password via a browser

If you access Instagram via a browser, the steps that need to be done are not quite different from the method above.

The only difference lies in the access to Instagram that you do via a browser and enter via the Instagram website. For more details, follow the steps below:

• Sign in on a browser that is already installed on your cellphone or on your PC (you can use Mozilla, Google Chrome, Opera Mini, or any other browser.

• Type Instagram in the available browser box on the site

• Enter the Instagram website or you can directly enter the login link provided

• Then enter by typing your username or email and password on the site

• After logging into your Instagram account, continue by following the steps that we described earlier in the discussion above because the procedures that need to be done are fairly similar and not much different

To enter Instagram, sometimes users have difficulty due to forgotten username, email, or password.

If you experience this problem, follow how to find out / change the forgotten Instagram password and we have described above. Good luck!