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How to See Who is Watching My Video on Instagram

Among the many social media platforms that can be used by the public, Instagram is one of them that has quite high popularity.
Who is Watching My Video Instagram
Instagram is a place for anyone who wants to share content in the form of photos or videos with the hope of getting lots of views.

But how do you know who saw your video? Check out the following reviews.

Here's How to See People Watching Our Videos on Instagram.

For loyal Instagram users, it is no stranger that the explore menu is the thing most often chosen to find or view the most popular posts on Instagram.

Not a few photos and videos that get quite a number of likes and views are scattered on the explore menu.

Sometimes you are quite curious about the number of likes of the video you just uploaded and who are the users who like or just watch the video.

Actually, knowing the users who stopped by your Instagram video is not complicated if you know how. Here we show the steps below:

1. How to see people watching our videos on Instagram through the Instagram application

Basically, the method used to find out who are the users who watch or like the videos that you post on Instagram is not difficult.

In addition, you can also find out the number of likes you get from uploaded videos. For more details, you can follow the steps below:

• First of all you need to determine which target video you want to know the number of likes and who likes it

• You can find it on the timeline, on the explore menu, or on your Instagram profile page

• After determining which video you are targeting, then tap the “number of views” or “number of viewers” ​​to find out which users liked the video and the number of likes on your video

• Generally, the people who appear are users who have previously been friends with your account on Instagram, but it also does not rule out that your video is also liked by users outside your friendship due to the popularity of the videos you have uploaded.

2. How to See People Watching Our Videos on Instagram through Browsers and Third-Party Applications

Please note that Instagram only provides a feature that allows you to see the number of viewers and users who like your videos on Instagram.

But for users who just watch without liking, then you need a third-party app to find out.

For those of you who want to find out who are the users who saw the video that you have posted, you can perform the steps that we presented earlier in the discussion above using a browser platform.

But for the rest, follow each step using the help of a third-party application below:

• The steps are quite easy, you just need to download a third party application called “Who Viewed My Instagram Video” search on Playstore or App store.

• Then open the application and log in by typing your Instagram username and password

• Then the application will display a list of all the videos on your Instagram

• If a list of videos appears in the application, you can choose one of the videos that you want to know that users who watched the video either liked it or just watched it.

• However, please note that this application can only display five users and cannot display all users

Instagram allows each user to be able to post content in the form of photos or videos.

Sometimes you are also quite curious about the number of likes and who responds to the video, so follow how to see people watching our videos on Instagram above.