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4 Ways to Know Other People Smartphone Pattern Lock PIN Password Easily

Ways to Know Other People's Smartphone
In this article we will discuss how to find someone else's cellphone pin. We can find out a password in the form of a pattern or PIN on someone else's cellphone in several ways. For Android device users, of course, they already very well understand that the Andorid cellphone is one of the cellphones that has sophisticated well-known features.

Of all these features, there are features like password, pin lock, pattern lock, and wipe lock. These types of security features have their respective differences.

How to Know Your Friend's Cellphone Password

There are many purposes to learn how to break other people's cellphone patterns, for example, to find out the cellphone password of your friend or girlfriend.

Related to this, in this description, we will explain several ways to find out someone else's cellphone password. This method you can apply yourself at home. Related to the full description of how to know this android pin lock, it can be seen in the following article.

How to break someone else's cellphone pattern using ADB on a computer


The steps for finding someone else's cellphone PIN without reset, this one can be used when the Android device is included in the USB Debugging feature. 
The complete method is as follows:
  1. Use ADB on your computer, if you have previously rooted, of course you are familiar with this step.
  2. Connect your Android smartphone using USB to the computer. If so, then please activate the Command Prompt / CMD command in the installation directory section.
  3. Next, please click adb shell rm / data / system / gesture.key, continue with enter.
  4. The final step, please reboot your smartphone, then look at your pattern password must have been lost. You should know that this pattern password only disappears in a few moments. For that, change the old pattern password with the new one.

How to find other people's cellphone pins through cellphone Factory Reset


How to find someone else's cellphone pin via cellphone using a factory reset can be said to be the most effective way. That's because, using this step, the Android device will return to its original settings, or factory settings.

However, before deciding to unlock someone else's cellphone using a factory reset, it would be better if you pulled out the SD card. This is so that the data inside is not lost. Related to the steps are as follows:
  1. The first step, please turn off the Android device first.
  2. If it's dead, please press the power button + volume up + home, at the same time. If it doesn't make it into the android system recovery menu, please change the method by pressing the power button + volume down + home at the same time.
  3. The third step, if you have successfully entered the Andoroid system recovery menu, then please look for wife data / factory. then please press the volume up button, to move to the top, and the volume down button to move to the bottom. Then the power button is used to press ok, or enter the menu.
  4. If you have pressed wipe data or factory reset, please select yes all user data then your Android device will remove all the settings on the device, starting from the screen lock pattern, pin, and password, and your device will be changed to default settings
If it is successful, then your Android device will reset or reboot automatically.

You need to know, when you enter factory settings, you will find the initial settings for your Android cellphone device as if it was new and thus, you have to enter your email, and password. Regarding the very easy way, please enter the settings menu, then add an account, and choose Google, and enter your email and password.

How to find out someone else's cellphone Lock Using Dr Fone Application


How to find out someone else's cellphone PIN can be done by using an application called Dr. Fone. This application can be used to find someone else's cellphone password easily without needing to be reset. Please install the application, then follow the steps below:
  1. The first step, please download the Dr Fone application.
  2. If so, then please turn off the Android device first.
  3. The next step, connect your Android device to your computer or laptop that has previously installed the Dr Fone device.
  4. If it is connected, then please open the Dr Fone application.
  5. Turn on the Andorid device for which you want to know or remove the password.
  6. The next step, please return to the Dr Fone application, then select the more tools menu, and please select the android lock screen removal menu.
  7. If so, then please press the start button, to remove the pattern screen lock, password, password, or pin used on the Android device.

How to find someone else's cellphone pin without reset Using the Forgot Password or Forgot Pattern feature


In our opinion, the step to unlock someone else's cellphone or android that is locked with a pin this time is quite easy to do. This is because it only requires an internet connection, as well as a google account (you must know your email and password).

You all must understand, if this Android cellphone uses the Playstore to download applications and games. When accessing this device, a Google account is required. The use of a Google account is not only used to log into the Playstore.

More than that, the playstore has many important functions to know too. one of them is to open the wrong pattern or cellphone PIN by using a google account. Related to the steps are as follows:
  1. Prepare an android device, google email, and internet connection.
  2. Turn on the Android device, and make sure it is connected to the internet. Remember, without using the internet, the pattern unlock step without reset cannot be done.
  3. If you have successfully entered the pattern view, please click Forgot Pattern.
  4. Then you will be presented with the option to open the password pattern using google email.
  5. Please enter your email and password, then please click sign in.
  6. You will be directed to 2 types of ways to be able to open the Android cellphone pattern. The first step is to use google. Google will then send you a question whose answer only you can know. As for the second step, you can send the pattern to your email.

Please choose the second way;

To be able to open an email from Google, you have to open your smartphone. In this step, your device cannot be unlocked because it is still in a state of forgetting the pattern. 

For a solution, then you can open it using a laptop. Computer, or you can borrow your friend's device.

Please open the email from Google which has sent the android smartphone pattern. From this step, you will see an image or notification related to your device's pattern password.

Follow all the steps from google, or you can enter the previous pattern, then see, your device can be opened again.


There are so many ways that you can use to find out someone else's cellphone PIN, either by using ADB on a computer, factory reset, the Dr Fone application or forgot pattern. Likewise with the question of how to find out someone else's xiaomi cellphone password, you can use the methods mentioned above. Hopefully these 4 Ways to Unlock other people's Android Mobile Screen can be useful for you.