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How An Entrepreneur Is Successful In Coping With Chaotic Situations

Everyone must have experienced problems that make situations chaotic in his life. Moreover, an entrepreneur who does not only have to take care of himself and his family, but also the company, employees, customers and relationships. 
The way entrepreneurs deal with chaotic situations
And sometimes problems that occur in his family or company are the reason his business has to close because the entrepreneur is unable to deal with the problems that arise.

    In order to be able to deal with all the chaos that occurs in his life, an entrepreneur must know the four types of chaos that are often faced and the three types of people who face chaotic situations. 

    In addition, all successful entrepreneurs must also know seven tips for dealing with chaotic conditions properly.

    By knowing the sources, styles and ways of dealing with chaos in the entrepreneur's life, entrepreneurs can ward off the problems they face so as not to interfere with their business.

    Four types of chaos that arise in the life of an entrepreneur

    Broadly speaking, the chaotic conditions in everyone's life can be classified into four types, namely:
    • Personal and family life
    • Finance
    • Health
    • Business
    The four sources of chaos are related to one another. For example, family problems that are getting bigger will affect finances and ultimately make the business fall apart.

    There are entrepreneurs who can't even deal with the problem of breaking up with a boyfriend or divorce. In the end, this problem will make the business poorly maintained.

    Death also causes many financial and business problems. Dead parents can raise inheritance problems. The brothers became opponents who brought down each other. 

    We will all die in due time, our ages range at most between 60-90 years. Very few can go beyond 100 years. Are we ready to face death that comes to us or our family members?

    Likewise with financial problems. Unpaid debts, wedding expenses, housing or vehicle loans with sudden increases in interest and so on. Larger homes or cooler cars also cost much more to maintain. Have all that been prepared?

    If we are not careful, the expenses that we did not initially take into account can erode the stability of our business. This is also a burden on the mind that can affect our health and family harmony.

    If you want to own luxury items after we feel successful, always take into account the costs that will follow behind. Maintenance costs, insurance, renovations, security and so on. 

    And calculate carefully, if our business decreases whether these extra costs will remain covered or not. Do not let our lives get messed up because of miscalculations with unexpected costs or entangled loan interests.

    Next is health. Let alone serious diseases such as cancer or heart disease that require treatment and are very expensive, minor ailments such as sore throat can make life chaotic.

    When we fall sick, our finances will be disturbed too. In addition, the business that we manage will also be affected. Promises to make presentations to prospective clients have to be postponed or canceled. Dinner or vacation with family must also be canceled.

    And the last is business. We could be tricked by vendors or customers. Or they unilaterally cancel the agreement that has been made. This results in disruption of the company's finances. 

    Customers who have received our goods / services but subjectively do not like us / are satisfied with us can also consume our energy, thoughts and time.

    Sometimes cooperation agreements with other companies do not run smoothly. They seem very slow or lazy to do their part. As a result, our company must step in to solve all problems.

    Or economic conditions that suddenly fluctuate. Suddenly, there was a recession which made people's purchasing power decrease. There are new regulations issued by the government that limit the space for our business to move, taxes increase, while income decreases.

    From within the company, various problems often arise. There are IT staff, for example, who are not working well. Applications that are built are never ready according to the deadline. 

    When submitted, there are still bugs that hinder performance. Sales employees do not reach the targets given, and we are under pressure from investors so that we can achieve the target.

    All of that makes us look upside down, everything feels out of control. Trust me, if you go into the business world, you will face some complicated situations like the one above. 

    As entrepreneurs, we must be prepared to face various conditions that may appear suddenly. 

    And if it is not handled properly, then the problem will spread to other problems that can cause a crisis in the company.

    Three types of people face problems


    When a difficult problem faces someone, he will react with the aim so that he can get out of the problem at hand. Broadly speaking, there are three types of people based on the way they deal with the problems they need to solve.

    1. Amateurs

    An amateur will tend to overreact to existing problems. They panic easily, and generally only berate the cause or person who caused the problem.

    An amateur is incapable of solving problems from the root. He only reacts to what is on the surface and often makes matters even more complicated.

    2. Medioker

    A mediocer will pay attention to the problem excessively. This will in fact make them think that the problem at hand is much bigger than what actually happened. And even more, mediocre often use the problems they exaggerate as an alibi.

    They will talk to other people about the problems they have to face so that their business goes in place. They make the chaos they face the reason why they are not making the expected progress.

    3. Experts / professionals

    An expert will always anticipate problems that arise. Experts have the mental attitude to always try to solve problems from the root as soon as possible. 

    They are always aware that problems will always come and go and they are ready to face them.

    A pro is able to manage problems quickly. They will not hesitate to ask for help from those who are more experienced. They always know where and to whom to ask for help or advice when a problem that causes chaos arises in their life.

    Seven tips for how to deal with problems


    An entrepreneur, of course, is required to be able to face all the problems that arise like a professional. Here are seven tips an entrepreneur can apply to help him deal with bad situations without causing new problems:

    1. Use a different perspective

    When problems come repeatedly, most of the people around us will panic. The obligation of an entrepreneur as a leader is to give everyone a new perspective.

    Show them that there really is a critical problem that must be dealt with as soon as possible. But the problem is not as big as they think. Break down the problem into small parts and determine which part needs immediate treatment.

    This way, employees who tend to exaggerate reactions can be prevented. What and how to deal with these problems can also be done immediately from the small part that is most urgent to overcome.

    2. Seek wise advice

    If the problems you face in your personal or business life are not good at you, seek advice from professionals. If you face health problems, consult a specialist if necessary. 

    Come to a consultant financial planner, auditor or tax consultant professional if there are problems with finances.

    This is the case when problems arise with marriage, children or relationships with family members. Seek advice from experts who are good at marriage, parenting or negotiation experts.

    3. Focus on what we can control

    Sometimes new regulations come out or there are changes in regulations from the government that put pressure on our business. Economic conditions can also change drastically which makes sales of our products plummet. 

    You have to realize that you don't have the power to change the situation.

    It would be pointless even if you pour out all your anger, mobilize employees to hold demonstrations or ask for stimulus from the government. A pro entrepreneur will immediately focus his efforts on things that can be controlled. 

    Entrepreneurs must be ready to issue a new product or service if the old product / service is no longer competitive in the market.

    If indeed conditions compel them to leave the old industry and enter into a new business, entrepreneurs must be prepared for this fact. 

    Do not be shackled by the romanticism of past victories. In this era of disruption, many industries are quickly being consumed by the times.

    4. Always prepare yourself and the whole team

    Problems are a part of everyday life. As entrepreneurs, we must always be ready to face it whenever it comes. But more importantly, employers must prepare the entire team so that they are always prepared to face suddenly uncertain conditions.

    The whole team must be taught how chaos can arise in their lives. They are bound to face the four types of chaos discussed above. 

    Prepare them to be able to solve problems by having reserves, insurance, knowledge and access to experts.

    5. Find three steps to solve the problem

    Always look for three steps as a solution so that the complications that arise in life can be overcome. By preparing the next three steps to solve the problem, we can immediately focus on solutions and can measure how far we are progressing in overcoming the problem.

    6. Learn how chaotic situations arise

    Observe anyone who frequently raises problems in family or business. If someone is the culprit over and over again, fire or remove that person from your company. 

    If he is still related, then stay away or keep him out of business.

    7. Don't take it personally

    Problems are part of business, part of life. They will come and go every time. There is no human on this earth who is free from problems. 

    How we react to problems will determine how our life will go forward. For that, always face all problems with a cool head, you don't need to take it personally. 

    Especially until there was a grudge for years against someone who was considered the cause of a problem.


    Therefore, as entrepreneurs we must be prepared for all possible conditions. As an entrepreneur, he must have a strong and tough mentality. Hopefully the article about How An Entrepreneur Is Successful In Coping With Chaotic Situations can be useful as a reminder for the progress of your business. 

    Greetings extraordinary success!