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The Secret of Magic Attracting Wealth Into Your Life With The Power Of Visualization


Attracting Wealth Into Your Life With The Power Of Visualization

What is visualization? Visualization is a way or technique of describing a condition or state by using the power of our minds. 

Visualization is based on the law of attraction in the universe, where attraction in visualizing here is the communication between yourself and the subconscious mind. just point, here I invite you to learn to use positive visualization techniques to attract wealth into your life. There are a number of steps we must learn and take to attract wealth through visualization.

#First : Imagine the Wealth We Want

We must imagine the wealth we want. In order for our visualization to be successful, in this step, we must determine the amount of money or wealth we want because the universe requires a certain amount of clarity. And so that we are easier to visualize, we must write down the amount of money needed want and what we have set it on a sheet of paper, or if by writing it on a check. 

For example, we want to have a sum of $100,000, so we also have to write down the exact figure of $100,000. Then, stick the paper with the amount of money you want on your bedroom wall, try to stick it in a position that we often see. 


If you write it on a check, then fold the check and put it in your wallet, so you can take it anywhere and always see it anytime when you remember it.

Practical advice, often see the writing number of $100,000 on the paper, because with how often you see it, it means that communication contacts between yourself and the subconscious mind become frequent too. If it is often the case then the subconscious mind will be stronger in responding to our desires Do not forget to always imagine getting or having that amount of money continuously at least before you sleep or after waking up. 

And please, do not ever change or change the nominal amount that you wrote down as above before your wishes or dreams come true, because if so, then our subconscious mind will be confused responding to our desires.


#Second : Use All of Our Five Senses to Feel

Use all of our five senses to feel as if we really have a total of $100,000. In this case we are an Actor and not just as a spectator. That is, let us not just imagine our self-image of having a sum of $100,000, but involve all our five senses to feel as if it is really real to have the sum of $100,000, for example,
  • How are our hands when holding the money? 
  • How do we feel when we see it? happy, happy, or happy?
  • How do we save that money?
  • What about when we hear our loved ones say about the $100,000? for example she said, "wow, this $100,000 is finally ours"
  • How do we react when we hear a word like that? Do we hug it tight?
  • How do we feel or smell the sum of money? and How do we express it when we get it? are we full of admiration and our lips are smiling broadly while we are prancing?

#Third : Be Gratefull

Be thankful and gratefull, because God has given us that good fortune, even though in reality we haven't got it or have it. Because actually, the more we often thank God for all the favors we feel, then we will be closer to what we want or dream. Prove your gratitude by frequently drawing closer to the almighty Creator and Ruler of the universe by worshiping according recommended by our respective religions.


And for my brothers who are Muslim, do, improve and routinely perform the obligatory worship along with circumcision. Especially the lail worship, or the midnight prayer, because this worship is a powerful and powerful weapon for its efficacy for a Muslim who wants to achieve everything intentions and desires. Many Muslims have proven the efficacy of the powerful tahajud prayer that efficacy.

In addition, being grateful and often being grateful can enlarge the results that we will achieve, the more we are grateful, the harmony with everything we want will be stronger.

#Fourth : Believe and Accept

After we have done the three steps above, henceforth, let the universe answer what we want, in this case what God has determined in this universe to obey, and we must be willing to accept it. Or in other words we must surrender and believe to the will of God as ruler above all else.


Remember, God is able to make the impossible possible, where God's power is beyond the reach of our reason and thought.


So, how long does it take for the universe created by God to manifest our desires? This cannot be known for certain, of course it depends on what we do and try. In a sense, the more we often follow the steps of visualization with full of hope to achieve strong harmony, the sooner our dreams will come true. 

Greetings incredible success!