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Review of The Science of Getting Rich Book - Wallace Wattles

If you have ever watched the film "The Secret" (a documentary by Rhonda Bryne that explains The Secret itself), maybe you will notice that at the beginning there is a book that Rhonda Bryne read that changed her life, what book is that?
Review of The Science of Getting Rich Book
It turns out that it is the book The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles which then underlies Rhonda Bryne to explore more about all things related to the Law of Attraction. This book is more than a century old and underlies the phenomenal concept of The Secret.

The Science of Getting Rich is not published in Indonesian, but this book is sufficient to the point. The following is the essence or summary of the book The Science of Getting Rich.

Review "The Science of Getting Rich" Book

This book contains concise and concise points about the science of getting rich which is said to be an exact science that is scientifically proven.

There are 2 basic things about how to get rich, and it is stated in the book that all people who practice it properly will certainly become rich, can be proven scientifically and with certainty.

What are the two things?
  • Think right
  • Acting right
Wait, before you say it's really common, here I explain what is called right thinking and acting right according to the explanation of the contents of the book The Science of Getting Rich.

Think in Certain Way

The universe is basically composed of amorphous substances. This substance is energy that moves with our thoughts, creating the concrete form of what we think.

So, what we think is what will happen in our life, because our thoughts are also part of the energy in this universe, moving in a certain frequency and attracting things that have the same frequency with it.

If we think that we are rich, then we will be rich, and vice versa. As you may have often heard, we become what we think.
You are What You Think
So, apart from thinking about getting rich, we also have to believe. So not only thinking about wanting to be rich, but we are sure that we must be rich and we are already rich. Believe with certainty that we are rich.

In addition, we also have to feel deep gratitude that we have received it. We are sure and grateful that the substance we ask for is being pushed by the universe to come to us. We just need to be grateful and be on the frequency of receiving.

How to be in the receive frequency?

With as much gratitude in life makes us on the frequency of receiving. There are many things that we can be grateful for in our lives regardless of our current condition, starting from the things that are happening around us, the things we already have, and the things we will have.
And [remember] when your Lord proclaimed, 'If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor]; but if you deny, indeed, My punishment is severe. ' Ibraheem: 7
Main keywords: ASK, FAITH, GRATITUDE

Act in a Certain Way

In short, the key word for this section is do the best in everything you do. Do the best you can today, without worrying about tomorrow and the days that have passed.

Be Present. Do your best as perfect as possible in your job today. Finish what you can finish without having to delay making business plans or new jobs.

If you master the current job well, then you are in the capacity to receive what we want. Do the work is also based on the belief in success as mentioned in the first point above.

Second, you have to create added value that is useful for many people or everyone with whom you come in contact. If you have a certain business, make sure that your business provides added value / Value / benefits that are greater than what you might get in cash, then money will keep coming to you.

Conclusion and Personal Review

The book, which is more than a century old, is the work of a scientist named Wallace Wattles who examines the patterns of successful people of that century how rich they are. From the results of many years of observation, a similar pattern is found as outlined in this book.

In brief,
Think and ask what you want, believe and have faith that you have received it, settle your frequency to receive by bring gratitude of every little things in your life, act with faith by doing the best, and give more value than you will receive in cash.
Reading this book provides a basic understanding of the concept of wealth attracting scientifically proven through the study of quantum physics. This book is the beginning of inspiration to retrace history and look for references that prove how this natural law works.

After Wallace Wattles, an author who published works with similar basic concepts which also came from his personal observations of the wealthy people of his day was Napoleon Hill.

Hopefully this review of the book The Science of Getting Rich is useful to open your horizons about one of the concepts or laws of this universe.

Cheers to Good Life!