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Review of Attract Money Now : 7 Steps to Become a Money Magnet - Joe Vitale

Review of Attract Money Now
7 Steps to Become a Money Magnet - The proverb says money is hard to catch because it has 4 legs while humans only have 2 legs. Well, then, let the money catch up with you, simple right? Talk is easy, but how do we make money catch up with us? 

    Yes be a money magnet! 

    In the book Attract Money Now, Joe Vitale provides 7 proven steps to make us money magnets so money will catch up with us. 

    The 7 steps are based on the life experience of Joe Vitale himself, from a homeless person who has now become a millionaire. What are the seven steps?

    Before we discuss the seven steps to become a money magnet, we must first understand that everything in the universe comes from energy. 

    Our thoughts are like transmitters that emit energy from the mind to the universe so that it will attract back everything that is one frequency with that frequency. 

    Like attract like. We become what we think. Therefore, it is very important to always have positive energy so that we can attract positive things, including money.

    7 steps to attract financial abundance / become a money magnet according to Joe Vitale's Attract Money Now book are as follows:

    #1 Change your mindset 

    This is the first pillar that you must master before proceeding to the other steps. There's no point in reading the other steps if your mindset is still wrong.

    Remember, as stated earlier, the mind is the forerunner, the mind is the creator, and we become what we think. 

    You must have a rich mindset (abundance) first, then you can attract abundance. Avoid the poor / deficient mindset. 

    The difference between rich and poor mindsets will be discussed in the article 17 Differences in the Way of Thinking and Behaving the Rich and the Poor.

    Apart from the rich mindset, here are 3 core beliefs that you must have:

    • I love Myself

    How you feel about yourself will determine how much money is attracted to you. You will find it easier to attract more money if you love yourself and fully accept yourself, that is, everything that is good and keeps growing for the better.

    • I deserve to be successful

    Well, you might think there are people who don't feel they deserve success? It turns out that many people have low self-esteem and think that financial success / having a lot of money is beyond their means. 

    As another example, there are people who have good clothes and shoes, but every day wear worn stretchy shirts and sandals. Asked why? The answer is that clothes that are too good to wear for work will only be worn on certain occasions. 

    And can be interpreted that the person feels he does not deserve to use good things for his daily life? Surveys show that people who are neat or pay attention to their appearance tend to be easier to influence others and are more likely to deal.

    • Money is a good tool

    Many people who want money but in their subconscious beliefs feel that money is the source of evil, money is a symbol of greed, money is evil, money destroys relationships, and so on. 

    This belief makes you unable to have money because of course you don't want to have something evil and destructive to relationships, right?

    Money is neutral. It is the love of money that makes people chase it with a competitive mindset / are willing to do everything to pursue it that makes that person vulnerable to crime. 

    The rich don't like about their money, they only like the feeling of freedom that money can provide. After all, you can do a lot of good deeds if you have lots of money. Change your mindset! Change your negative belief in money!

    #2 Giving Without Expecting Rewards

    Giving Without Expecting Rewards
    Money needs to flow / keep moving. You cannot expect money to come to you and then stop at your place. 

    If so, the money won't flow in anymore because it can't get clogged up in your place. Give the money you get without expecting anything in return. 

    Thus, you will make the flow of money stable and the money will be happy to flow to your place. In addition, feelings of happiness, feelings of gratitude, or feelings of abundance when you give money will be a strong magnet to attract more money to you.

    There are 2 levels of giving, namely:
    Alms 10% of your income, give without expecting anything back. This first tier giving is mandatory because, as mentioned above, money needs to flow. Some of your income needs to be donated.

    Give more so that it becomes more than 10% of your income, to the places / people where you find inspiration.

    As it is written in the Qur'an:
    The example of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah is like a seed [of grain] which grows seven spikes; in each spike is a hundred grains. And Allah multiplies [His reward] for whom He wills. And Allah is Munificent, All-Knowing. (Al-Baqarah: 261)

    #3 Prosperity Shopping

    What does affluence shopping mean? It is your expenses to buy everything that makes you feel good / satisfied. You need to reward yourself certain satisfaction after all the hard work. 

    Returning to the first step, loving yourself. Yes, don't be stingy with yourself. You must be willing to pay for yourself, as long as you are not in debt, which means you can afford it.

    For example, you can take the time to indulge yourself in good food, buy goods that give you a certain satisfaction without having to go into debt with a credit card, and so on, especially after a certain achievement. 

    Celebrate your every success, whether it's small or big.

    #4 Get Help from the Mastermind

    Don't hesitate to ask for help. The adage "shame on asking questions in the wrong way" illustrates that if there is a problem, you have to ask or ask for help. 

    What is the Mastermind? Basically, there are 2 types of mastermind, namely spiritual mastermind and mastermind group.

    Spiritual mastermind is whatever you believe spiritually, just as writers and other Muslim friends have mastermind which is Allah. 

    Maybe you have heard the spiritual advice of successful people, namely "include God in your struggle", which is to make God your spiritual Mastermind, where you ask questions and ask for help.

    Meanwhile, the mastermind group is a group of people who can provide solutions to your problems. 

    This group can consist of people with various professional backgrounds, such as accountants, lawyers, consultants, specialists in certain fields, and so on that you can make a place to ask questions, discuss, and who are ready to help you.

    #5 Visualize Your Goal

    What are you going to do when you have all the money you want? Visualize in detail what you will do with the money, the feelings that come from doing the things you love with the money. 

    For example, when money is no longer a problem, maybe you want to go around the world with your partner, then imagine when you are in various places of your dreams, and how you will feel when you succeed in making it happen. 

    Apart from visualization, you definitely need action! When you get inspired, you have to jump into action to make that inspiration happen.

    #6 Think Like an Entrepreneur

    Think Like an Entrepreneur
    The five steps above are the steps to become a money magnet, where you will have a positive vibration to attract money to you. 

    The next step to attracting lots of money is to think or become an entrepreneur. If the 5 steps above are to withdraw money, then this sixth step is to have a lot of money. 

    To become a millionaire, you have to build multiple sources of income. Choose opportunities that have the potential to develop in the current era. 

    Do what you love. Try to explore your hobbies how these hobbies can generate, make it your first step to get started.

    Build a business! If the business with the other systems is running smoothly, then you can build a second, third, and so on.

    #7 Help Your Environment and the World

    Our energy will be even greater if it is used to help many people. Starting from around you, what positive influence can you have? 

    The positive emotions / energies and love that you give to the world will create these positive emotions / energies back to you with strength that is many times strong. 

    Make yourself inspired and inspire others. When you help the world, the world will give you positive feedback. 

    That is why people who do business with a heart, who have noble goals, will make the business much more developed than those who do business just to make a profit for themselves.


    These are the 7 steps to attracting more money into your life which are summarized from the Attract Money Now book. Learn step by step starting from the first step as a basic foundation, namely by changing your mindset to the seventh step, money will tend to chase you. 

    You will be a money magnet, and a happy billionaire.

    Cheers to Good Life !