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How to Restore a Facebook Account Blocked by Facebook

How to restore a Facebook account that was blocked by Facebook - Facebook is the social media with the largest number of users in the world.
Restore a Facebook Account Blocked
You can do free activities on Facebook such as adding friends, following groups, sending messages, sharing links and others.

There are even those who have their Facebook account blocked for violating Facebook rules.

But there are several ways to open Facebook that are blocked by Facebook servers that you can apply.

But beforehand, please note that there are various reasons why your account is suddenly blocked by Facebook.

The reason Facebook uses most is breaking the rules of communicating with other people.

In addition, your account can be reported by many people so that it is blocked by Facebook.

Please see 2 ways to open a Facebook account that is blocked by the following Facebook

1. How to Restore a Blocked Facebook Account Using the Account Recovery Feature

You can use the forgot password feature on Facebook as a way to restore your Facebook account which was banned by Facebook.

Actually, before starting, you need two pieces of information, namely the email used to register and the linked phone number.

Without these two information, how to restore a blocked Facebook account using this method will be difficult to do.

In addition, you also have to remember the name of your last Facebook account before the account was blocked.

Please refer to the steps on how to open a permanently blocked Facebook account below.
  1. The first step is to enter the Facebook site via the following link
  2. Then enter using the blocked FB account information.
  3. Enter your usual email or phone number and click login.
  4. After you click login, if the account is really blocked, a dialog box will appear in the form of a notification that the account is being blocked.
  5. The next step, if you have seen the notification, do the re-entry process using your old account information which has been closed by Facebook.
  6. So when you log in, the option "restore your account" will appear.
  7. Just click the button and you will go to a new page.
  8. On this new page, enter information in the form of an email that is registered on Facebook and the phone number linked to the FB account.
  9. Then click "Search". If notifications are still blocked, try again.

2. How to Restore a Blocked Facebook Account by Submitting an Objection to Facebook

This method of opening a blocked account on Facebook is a way to restore the last blocked Facebook account, namely filing an objection or appeal to Facebook.

Please refer to the steps on how to restore the Facebook blocked by the following Facebook parties.
  1. The first step is to go to the Facebook help page via the following link
  2. After that you will see a Facebook help center page.
  3. In the search box type “My personal Facebook account is disabled” and click enter.
  4. After that you will enter the search results.
  5. Look for the result that is "My personal Facebook account is disabled" and click on it.
  6. Then you will be directed to the page why your account was suddenly disabled.
  7. You can try a few reasons here and make sure you never violate any of Facebook's terms.
  8. The next step is to scroll down the page and look for the phrase "use this form to request a review".
  9. Click on the sentence and you will be sent to a new help page.
  10. Then you will see a form page to review your blocked account.
  11. Enter your email address or phone number.
  12. Then fill in the column below with the full name attached to the blocked Facebook account.
  13. The most important part is that you must also upload your identity card in the fields provided in the form.
  14. You can choose a ID Card you have in the identity card column.
  15. Scan or photo your identity card and enter it in the form.
  16. Finally click send.

Facebook will conduct a review of your blocked account. Please wait for this review process to complete.


The conclusion of the methods above is try not to commit fatal violations while using Facebook.

So that the chances of your Facebook account being reused can be higher.

You can also use the methods above as a way to restore a blocked friend's Facebook account.

That's the whole content of our article this time about how to restore a Facebook account that was blocked by Facebook. That's all and good luck.