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Passion is the Main Engine of Your Business Success

The key to success in building a business

What do we know about this Passion and how does it relate to the Business we are fighting for ?


Passion is the Main Engine of Your Business Success
Passion sometimes becomes something that is often forgotten when we are already busy with various kinds of activities and jobs that eat up our energy. Passion is about a feeling or desire for something we enjoy.

And if the Business Passion that we have is in line with the business or business we are in, it will certainly be a business or business that will survive with consistency and resilient fighting power.
"What is Passion in our work ??"
A friend of mine works every day at a well-known company that promises a good career and provides several more facilities, including the company name on the ID Card, which always hangs over a long-sleeved shirt that always looks neat.

Go home early in the afternoon, sometimes at night. Eight to Five he said many times. In fact, in my opinion, this is not just an Eight to Five, because outside these hours he still has to prepare everything before deciding to go to work.

If you find a friend or friend with the same answer as above, I am sure that our best friend has lost his passion for work. Then just wait for the final decision to resign from his status as an employee. 

Because 90% of the reason an employee resigns is when he or she does not have enthusiasm and excitement at work.
"What happens if we don't involve this Passion in all our daily activities ??"
Several years ago, another friend of mine said that if he was not at his computer desk for a day, it felt like dizziness all day long and as if something was wrong in his daily life. Then immediately relieved when he was at his favorite Computer Desk.
Passion in all our daily activities
Then as I predicted at that time, finally my friend was really successful with his job at Computer, as a reliable writer and got what he deserves as he is today.

In a slightly different story, another friend of mine where I often hang out at her fish farm always gives me a real example of a focus and consistency in how to use her passion in doing all activities related to the world of fisheries that she is currently working on.

There is not the slightest bit of doubt that if there is a fish entrepreneur who is very successful, it must be him. Because indeed he has these requirements and deserves to be rewarded for what he has done.

Business Passion that is not owned by just anyone and even if there is, it is not used by some people properly and precisely, even though this is the driving motor like a machine that will drive our business and business regardless of the type of business.
"Where the Passion in a person can be found"
One of the sentences I used to say to my former coworkers was "If we work harder and are more diligent than others, it must be for ourselves, not for the company where we work".

Everyone will reap the fruits of all his thinking and physical labor because that is what we have planted. 

By working hard, the potential in us is also explored, including the talents that are stored in our souls that will automatically be honed by itself, and this will be formed into a passion that makes one's value increase to a higher level.

Until finally an existence that will put us at the level of success that everyone desires. A habit of working and thinking which became the beginning of the discovery of the hidden Passion.

And if we always involve this Business Passion for the business you make, surely this business will be a business that is ready to fight with competitors out there because this is a business that is tireless at work and fearless in innovating. 

Far from the word bored because never knowing the word give up, because all this work will be done with pleasure and joy.

There are so many people who never know something that they like, that they are interested in or that they want which will make them always happy and passionate in this matter. 

Can always survive or find other ways to survive when many obstacles and trials hit, because you can do it happily, cheerfully and happily. An extraordinary passion that never runs out like in a love atmosphere that is In Focus and forgets everything else.
"What happens if we include this Passion in the business we are building?"
Passion is not a visible capital in our business and efforts. And because it is not something that seems to be somewhat forgotten. In fact, this Passion makes us feel like we are always alive and in love with anything related to this.

By including this in our work, business or business, one key to success is already in our hands, which is to love this job so that it will have an impact on seriousness and extraordinary fighting power in this work.

"I play my Violin like I make love" said Maylaffaiza, a violinist with several of his albums, playing his violin is so immersive as if he is making love with amazing passion and enthusiasm. 

A real example of someone who does his job with love and desire born from his soul.
How about our Passion now


"How about our Passion now ??"
Everyone must have it, whether it's passion in socializing and community, passion in sports, passion in technical work, automotive, negotiation, cooking or whatever is definitely something that can make us lose track of time, love work and do it happily. heart + happy.