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How to get free LINE Coins Easily

How to get free LINE coins - It is now possible to communicate through various means. In the past, long distance communication could be done using correspondence.
How to get free LINE Coins Easily
Now there are advanced technologies such as Android and iPhone that can make communication more effective.

Inside the smartphone, there are also interesting applications that pamper its users. Applications that can be accessed via smartphones also have various types.

There are also many communication media that can be used in the form of applications on smartphones, one of which is LINE.

This application has interesting features, one of which is the LINE coin. You can learn how to earn LINE coins through the discussion below.

Discussion on How to Get LINE Coins

You can access this chat application by using a smartphone with OS Android, iPhone, and even Blackberry.

Not only that, now the LINE application can be accessed via a laptop or PC without using an emulator or other additional applications.

One thing that is considered interesting about LINE is the appearance of the application. LINE has an eye-catching application interface, which is what attracts the attention of its users.

Apart from that, there is also a LINE coin feature, and it also differentiates LINE and other messaging applications.

To get LINE coins, you can apply the steps on how to get LINE coins on an iPhone or Android below:

How to Get LINE Coins Easily

Get LINE Coins Easily

1. How to Get Free LINE Coins With Free Coins

To get coins for free, LINE actually provides a feature called Free Coins that you can use to get coins.

Check out the steps for getting the following LINE coins to get free coins:
  • First, download the latest version of the LINE application first (Download the Latest Line Application for Android) / (Download the Latest LINE Application for iPhone)
  • Then open the application and login
  • If you are logged in, a Line display will appear, which has various tabs.
  • One of them is the More tab, which is represented by three points aligned horizontally.
  • Click the More tab
  • Then various options will appear, select the Free Coins menu
  • If so, a list of applications will appear that you can download to get Line coins for free.
  • Next to each application, there is a number of free coins that will be obtained when you download the application
  • To start earning coins, download these applications.
  • The trick is to click on the application you want
  • After that, from the Line application you will automatically switch to the Googe Play Store, and will automatically be directed to the application you choose.
  • You just click download on the application.
  • Then wait until the application is finished installing
  • If so, re-open the Line application
  • Open the Free Coins menu again.
  • Then you can see the amount of your coins in the My Coins menu.

2. How to Get LINE Coins with LINE Points

You can also get coins by exchanging the points that you already have on the LINE application.

You can see how to exchange points in the steps on how to get LINE coins below:
  • First, download the latest version of the LINE application first (Download the Latest Line Application for Android) / (Download the Latest LINE Application for iPhone)
  • Then open the Line application
  • Then select the More tab which has a parallel dot symbol
  • Then various options will appear such as Theme Shop, Line Jobs, Line Webtoon and so on. Select the Line Points menu
  • After that, various games will appear that can get you Line points by downloading the game
  • Download one of the games you want, you can also see the number of points that you get to the right of the game
  • Then you will be automatically directed to the Google Play Store. Then, download the game so that you earn LINE Points.
Get LINE Coins with LINE Points


LINE is the most widely used chat application today. With an attractive appearance and features, make people interested in using it.

There is also a coin feature that you can use to buy LINE stickers. To get it, follow the steps to get coins on LINE above not to get illegal LINE coins.

Keep up with the info about how to get LINE coins without downloading and how to get free LINE webtoon coins on this site.

That's the entire content of our article this time about how to get free LINE coins. That's all and good luck.