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How to Combine Photos to Grid, Collage and etc

How to Combine Photos Online
How to Combine Photos online, on laptops and android - In this digital era, almost everyone has social media. The need for photos to be shared is also increasing.

Discussion on how to combine photos

Many people have also learned how to edit, apply effects, and how to combine photos.

It's important to be your supporter on social media

In this discussion, someone asked how to combine photos into one file. To answer the question.

The following is a discussion of how to combine photos.

How to Combine Photos

To add to the aesthetic impression of a collection photo, there's nothing wrong with combining several photos in 1 frame.

Collecting several moments into 1 will definitely bring value in itself.

Especially now that there are various applications that can be used to combine several photos at once.

1. How to Combine Photos on a Laptop or PC

Various photo editing applications have been around for some time and continue to experience developments.
How to Combine Photos on Laptop or PC
One of the most popular applications used as a way to combine photos on a laptop or PC is Photoshop. There are several versions of Photoshop that you can use, depending on the capabilities of your computer device. 

The following is an example of operating Photoshop CS5 for combining photos.

  1. Open the Photoshop application on the device, select the File menu in it, then click the New submenu
  2. A pop up will appear containing the new worksheet settings, adjust the Width and Height as desired, then click the OK button.
  3. To insert photos, click the File menu again, select Open, then select the photos in the desired folder, if you find them, click on the photos and select the Open button
  4. Move all photos to the worksheet, click the photo layer and press Ctrl + A simultaneously, press Ctrl + T to bring up the outline outside the photo, point the cursor to the corner of the photo then drag while pressing the Shift key so that the size does not change
  5. Repeat these steps for any other photos that you want to include
  6. If everything is combined, then unite the layers by pressing Ctrl, right click, select Merge Layers
  7. Save the result by selecting the File menu and clicking the Save as ... option

2. How to Combine Photos on Android

Not inferior to PCs, smartphone application developers are starting to offer various editing applications that are easier and more practical to use on Android.
How to Combine Photos on Android with Photo Grid
For example, how to combine photos on an oppo, vivo, samsung cellphone and many more, which you can use as a smartphone to combine the photos you want to edit.

One of the most popular is Photo Grid.

To combine photos using this application, follow these steps;

  1. Open and run
  2. Select the box option displayed on the main page of the Photo Grid interface
  3. Select several photos that you want to combine, don't forget to adjust the number with the number of boxes in the layout, select the layout as desired, tap Continue
  4. After that, add editing to the parts that you feel are lacking, you can add text, stickers, change borders, or take advantage of other available editing features
  5. When finished, save the photo to the gallery by pressing the Continue button
  6. Set the image size and storage format as desired, press Save

3. How to Combine Photos Online

Either with PC or Android, the 2 methods above require an application on your device.

If you don't want to fill up memory with an application, you can choose to combine photos online only.
How to Combine Photos Online
All you need is a device and an internet connection.

One of the well-known services as a way to combine photos online is the site.

Go to the official Photo Joiner website via the following link

Determine the desired collage based on the available templates

Add a photo by clicking the Open button and inserting the image into the collage by drag and drop, in this phase you are also free to edit at will with the tools provided

Press Save to save your edits


It turns out that how to combine photos can be done by various methods. The results are of course different and have their own characteristics.

The important thing, choose the method that is easiest and most appropriate for you.

There is also about how to combine photos in one frame with photoshop and how to combine photos with a logo.

That is our entire discussion in this article about how to combine photos online, on laptops and Android. Hopefully useful and good luck.