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How to Clear Data Cache on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch via a Bug in the iTunes Store

How to Clear Data Cache on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Through a Bug in the iTunes Store - iOS devices starting from the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are made with several different storage variants or storage media.
How to Clear Data Cache on iPhone iPad and iPod Touch
For example for old devices such as the iPhone 4 storage variant in starting from 8GB to 64GB, each variant certainly has a different price difference, the greater the built-in storage capacity of the iPhone, the more expensive the price offered.

Having an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device with minimal storage media will indeed make us unable to freely use it, for that it is smart to manage storage is very necessary.

Basically, the internal memory on the iPhone has a size that is common with other smartphone products, but the difference is if other smartphones are equipped with additional memory slots, the iPhone does not support additional memory slots, so only internal memory you can use, plus 5gb of iCloud storage. 

For this reason, if your iPhone storage is full you are forced to sacrifice other files to delete, or another alternative can be to backup data using storage media from other devices such as on a laptop or computer.

Do you know another alternative to expand your iPhone storage media?

Yes, you can do this by deleting the data cache, by deleting the data cache you don't have to sacrifice or delete the files you still need.

Basically iOS devices don't provide a feature to clear this data cache, but by taking advantage of a system bug on the iTunes Store you can now delete it, how it works, the system will automatically delete the data cache when the storage media is unable to accommodate new data.

How to use it you only need to pretend you are going to rent a film with a size that is very large beyond the free memory space.

When you want to rent the film, a warning "Cannot Download" will appear, then click "OK." The iOS system will delete the cache data in applications on the iPhone to provide additional free space so that the film can be saved.
Expand your iPhone storage media
Interested in trying it, please follow the steps below:

How to clear data cache on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch via the iTunes Store

# 1. First, make a note of the free storage capacity on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

# 2. To find out, go to Settings> General> Storage & iCloud Usage> Manage Storage.

# 3. Then to clear cache data open the iTunes Store, look for a movie that is large enough. For example the film The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. the point must be a film that is larger than the available capacity of your device's storage media.

# 4. Press the Rent Movies button on the right side. Wait for the loading process.

# 5. After that a pop-up or "Cannot Download" window will appear, then tap "Ok", then delete the iTunes Store from multitasking.

# 6. Go to the Settings menu> General> Storage & iCloud Usage> Manage Storage. Try to see if the available capacity on the storage media on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch increases. If so, then you can do the method above.
How to clear data cache on iPhone


If your storage media starts to fill up again, do the trick again. Hopefully this article is useful.

Tips from, if after pressing the Rent Movie button there is a window to enter the Apple ID password, please cancel it. That's a sign that your storage capacity is sufficient for the film.

Please try the tips above and don't forget to share with your friends or family as an easy way to clear cache on your iPhone or iPad without any additional applications.