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How to Change ID Line Without Changing Phone Numbers

How to Change Line ID - In certain circumstances you may ever want to change your Line's social media account ID. There are many reasons for this desire to arise, either because of boredom or to look more different.

But you need to know there are ways that are used to replace a special ID Line and cannot be done carelessly.
How to Change ID Line Without Changing Phone Numbers
Because in fact the Line does not provide the ID change service and feature as you wish.

So when you set the ID Line, it will be used forever and attached to your mobile number. But in special ways you can replace it.

How to Change the ID Line

1. How to change the ID line without changing the cellphone number

You can do how to change the id line without changing your cellphone number by practicing or following the tutorial that we will provide.

Check out the following how to change the linet id without changing the cellphone number:
  • This method is arguably quite complicated. You have to prepare a backup Line account as a sacrifice if you want to change the ID Line. The first step, make sure that your Line account has been verified by a cellphone number.
  • The next step you have to quit the Line application by force. Open the "Settings" menu and then head to "Applications". Look for the Line application installed on your Android. Open it and select "Clear application data" and click "OK". This will erase all Line application data and your Line account will be logged out automatically.
  • Then the next step is to enter or log back in using the backup account that you have prepared.
  • After entering a backup account that will be used as a sacrifice, you must also enter your cellphone number. Just enter the cellphone number that you use on the main Line account that you want to change the ID for. Wait a few seconds for an SMS containing a confirmation and code. Enter the existing code as requested by Line.
  • When you have successfully signed in to the backup account and with the main HP Line number, just log out of that account.
  • The method is the same as the previous way of logging out, namely by deleting the Line application data in the application settings.
  • Now after you have successfully logged out of the backup account, the next step is to log back in using the main account. Login using the main Line account information that you have. You will also be asked to enter your cellphone number.
  • For this stage, just enter the cellphone number as in the backup account earlier. Wait until there is a confirmation code SMS and fill in the code field in the Line application. At this stage you have successfully logged into your Line account again.
  • After that, enter the account settings and see whether your ID Line is empty or there is still an old ID. If it is empty, then the ID Line replacement process has been successful. You only need to re-set the ID Line according to your tastes and desires.
  • But if there is still an old ID Line, then you have to change the new number.
The method above is how to change the ID line without changing the phone number, but if you want to change the ID line by changing the phone number too then you can follow the steps below.

2. How To Change Line ID By Changing Your Cellphone Number

For those of you who want to change your id line by changing the number. Here's a tutorial on how to stay on line by changing your cellphone number
  • This method is the last solution if the method without changing the cellphone number doesn't work. Perform the steps as mentioned above until you log out of the Line application.
  • Don't forget to also set up a new cellphone number so you can easily change the ID Line.
  • Then the next step is to enter using your new cellphone number. Wait for the message sending process to finish and check the SMS code you received.
  • Enter several number combinations that are in the SMS into the column provided on Line.
  • If you have successfully logged in with a new cellphone number, then you only need to set your new name and set the ID Line in the account settings according to what you want.


Try all the ways to change the ID Line above until the process is really successful. The second method is the last resort if it cannot be replaced.

Unfortunately you have to lose a lot of data if you change your cellphone number, how to change the id line without missing a sticker

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That's the whole discussion for us in this article about how to change the id line. Hopefully useful and good luck !