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Which Android or iOS is Best for You ?

Which Android or iOS Apple is Best for You? - Choose what? Android or iOS? This question is difficult to arise when you first want to buy a smartphone, a question that sometimes makes us sit for days looking for the advantages and disadvantages of each of the two Operating Systems, which are certainly not wrong to buy in the future. 

If you are looking for a comparison of the two Operating Systems, then will discuss the two differences.

These two popular operating systems make new cellphone buyers think about bu
Android or Apple iOS is Best for You
ying Android or iOS. In this case, the advantages and disadvantages are in both, when compared, there will be many differences.

This difference can be your choice to refer to Android or iOS, because some aspects have advantages that some people may be more inclined towards it.

The advantages and disadvantages of Android and iOS

In order not to confuse you in choosing which OS is the best, provides information on the comparison of the two OSes, here we provide a comparison of the two on various sides.

Choose Android or iOS, identify this:

1. In terms of Performance and Speed.

This is of course a superior iOS, iOS performance is more capable than Android, especially for long-term use. This is because processors from Apple smartphone are specifically aimed at Apple products, so that the optimization of hardware and software runs optimally.

It's not like Android, which can be used on various processors such as Mediatek or Snapdragon, has drawbacks in terms of performance which depends on what processor it uses.

2. Display User Interface.

On Android, the existing display doesn't make it feel boring because some smartphone vendors provide attractive themes to be used. 

In addition there is also a launcher application that can change 100% of the appearance of your smartphone both from the theme and menu. But this usually makes it difficult for ordinary people to use it with a variety of displays.

But on the other hand, iOS has a fairly simple UI that is used so that it can make it easier for users to use iOS phones. Even the new phones have some looks almost the same as the previous version.

3. Features and Applications.

Here Android is superior in terms of features and applications, considering that Android has a play store that stores many applications there, making it easy for daily activities to be done with the application. 

Then the most popular features used are services from Google which are fully available on Android, such as YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, Play Movies and others, considering that the iOS operating system does not use products from Google.

4. Security

iOS in terms of security is superior to Android because it has a regular update schedule, especially in terms of security, then it cannot install applications except from the App Store to make it safe from outside threats. And not only that, all published applications have gone through strict stages.

Even though it is superior to Android, it is also not inferior in terms of security, by carrying out two-step verification helps users to be more secure in using Android. 

The Google Play Store itself also provides Google Play Protect where the problematic application will be immediately removed from the Play Store.


For the advantages and disadvantages of the two operating systems android or iOS Apple, you can make a comparison before making a purchase. For both OS, of course, they have things that are interest from their own features. 

Thank you, hope it's useful!