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Why a Franchise Business is The Best Business Choice ?

Franchise business is a method of opening a business with names, trademarks and products and materials from existing businesses. Take for example well-known Franchise business brands such as McDonald's, 7-Eleven, Dunkin 'Donuts, Pizza Hut, Circle K and many more. All brands of the franchise business are well-known and you already believe in its quality.


When talking about retail businesses, there are various types of businesses to choose from. You can open your own business both online retail stores (e-commerce) and physical stores with all the capital you have. However, there is another option, a Franchise business that will provide various benefits and opportunities for you.

If you compare it with starting an individual business or own business, opening a franchise business has a variety of rules, systems and requires different skills. So from that, you need to know how the franchise works, as well as the pros and cons in running this type of retail business.

What are the Franchise business opportunities?

In general, franchising is a way of business by expanding and distributing goods or services with a trade license. The franchisee, for example, pays the initial costs and royalties to the franchisor to use the trademark, logo, franchise business system and the right to sell products and receive support from the franchisor.

There are two forms of franchise business, first products and trademarks where the franchisor sells or licenses the rights to use certain trademarks. Second, a franchise with a business format in which the business owner provides service and support to franchise holders. However, in general the franchise business combines these two forms of franchise.
Starting a franchise business is an opportunity to work for yourself but not alone.

The benefits of starting a Franchise business

Starting a business is quite difficult and requires strong intention. Retail business owners do not only have to come up with business ideas and business plans, find locations, supply products, hire employees and carry out marketing strategies through various media. However, if you take the wrong step can cause business failure.

Starting a business certainly has risks, even franchises have risks, but one of the benefits of opening a franchise compared to an individual business is a higher chance of success.

Here are some other benefits of opening a retail franchise business:

1. Start a Business Faster

Opening a franchise business is much faster than opening an individual business. This is because, the franchise already has a business model and the franchisor may already have a guide so that business holders can follow the successful way.

You don't need to bother creating menus, thinking about business processes and models, so that the business planning period becomes easier. If you want to open a business faster, a franchise can be your choice.


2. Training and Support

Franchise is a team business, so the franchisor will always improve and maintain a solid business reputation by ensuring that all franchise stores operate according to certain standards.

For this reason, franchise business winners and employees will receive training and can count on the support of franchise business owners. Including operational, technical aspects, managing finances, how to hire employees to build good relationships with customers.

Don't be afraid or embarrassed to ask about your problems, because after all your success is their success.

3. Guide to Choosing a Location

Determining the location of a business can be one of the most difficult things for retail entrepreneurs. Of course you want a crowded area pedestrian through and not too many similar business owners.

No need to worry, often an established franchise business owner will help you find the optimal area. They will conduct research which areas are most suitable for their business.


4. Famous Brands

If you open your own new business with a great product, how do people know about your business? It took years for retail entrepreneurs to build a reputation and loyal customers.

Different if you open a franchise business with those who are already known, it will become easier for you because the public already knows the brand and quality of your product.

5. Bulk Purchases

Maybe you do not pay attention to the benefits of this one, but this clearly makes the difference between the franchise business with individual businesses. Franchise requires all stores to sell the same product and buy it in stock of products or materials from the same place to maintain product quality.

This allows the franchisor to buy materials in large quantities to meet the needs of all franchisees. For example, an individual business will buy stock of materials in the amount of 100 units, while the franchise business can buy in the amount of 100,000 units for all franchise stores which of course at a cheaper price.

6. Marketing Costs

Small retail businesses or individuals usually get customers based on word of mouth recommendations, social media and others. They do all the marketing strategies themselves according to their abilities.

Another case with a franchise business, franchise owners will help develop marketing programs through cooperative marketing funds. Programs where franchisees can pay for marketing strategies with the help of franchise owners, such as promos at certain franchise stores or special events that take place in only one franchise shop.


7. Support Franchise Partners

One of the advantages of opening a franchise business is a network of fellow franchise business holders. The success of one franchise shop will help the profits of other franchisees. In addition, having a business in the same brand allows each franchisee to give advice and support to one another. Running your own business won't feel like doing it alone.

Not only that, the initial costs and royalties that you spend help fund the costs of headquarters, recruitment and training of new employees and marketing on a large scale.

What Franchise business opportunity interests you?

The retail franchise business gives entrepreneurs the experience of having a minimal error business because they only have to run an existing business. This type of retail business also helps you expand and grow your business faster with a solid operational system, as well as support and advice from franchise owners and fellow franchise holders.


For those of you who want to start a business and enjoy freedom but want to grow with a business team, a franchise can be the best business experience. Greetings amazing success!