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Avoid These 7 Mistakes When You Start A Business


Avoid These 7 Mistakes When You Start A Business

When you start your own business for the first time, you will certainly hope that the business you will run will soon be successful. You will imagine a lot when starting a business it will be very smooth and without obstacles. But, in the process of doing business, you have to pass the trial phase error first before your dream business dreams come true. This is a tough challenge, but you have to face this to set up your dream business and go through these processes. But when you make mistakes repeatedly that means there are mistakes in the process of building your business, and in this paper, we will discuss Avoiding 7 mistakes when starting a business.


First Mistake: Not Testing a Business Idea.

Your business idea may look promising, but you must validate it to prove that your business idea has the potential to produce profitable results. First, evaluate your business idea before it is realized into a business. You can consult with business consultants or with the Community of Entrepreneurs who already have experience in doing business. You also have to do research to determine the condition of market interest before investing in venture capital to realize it.


Second Mistake: Relying on the Product.

A fatal mistake made by a new entrepreneur or startup is to rely solely on the product. If only relying on products to find new customers will be difficult indeed the product is the main key if you are a culinary business then the product must be delicious if you fashion products must be trendy and quality marketing can be a branding that matches the color that fits your product then the Facebook website social media activity and punishment or your interaction on social media is also very helpful when you start a business and then you only rely on products and hope people flock to buy is a very fatal mistake made by novice entrepreneurs.


Third Mistake: Doing Everything Alone.

Usually the mistakes of new entrepreneurs this one occur in small businesses ranging from operational to finance run alone even though it is not necessarily the ability to have adequate for this result the business becomes difficult to develop. Avoid this and work with partners who can do what you can't do. Delegating work can also save you a lot of time so you can maximize the business strategy needed.


Mistake Four: Not Expanding the Network.

Having an extensive network can open up opportunities for meeting potential investors and partners. Broad network in addition to meeting the right people, by building a network you also get ideas and new perspectives that can help the development of your business, conversely without expanding your business network will make it difficult for your business to grow so that it could run in place.


Mistake Fifth: Too Much to Receive Input.

You need to accept criticism and advice from others, but you still need to be selective in accepting input. You must be critical and do not receive too much input from anyone, you better pay attention to input from business people who are experienced in the field of business you choose.


Mistake Six: Work with the Wrong People.

You must be selective in choosing business partners when you want to build and grow your business, you must choose partners who are truly committed. Also, pay attention to the background of the person, you should choose who understand the chosen business field and have skills in that field and can be trusted so that you and he can complement and support your business planning.


Mistake Seventh: Immature Planning.

A businessman must be brave enough to face risks, but that does not mean you have to be desperate to start a business without careful preparation by making a well-conceptualized business plan. Having a good business plan will let you know your business goals, know what is needed and have a marketing strategy that is ready to face competition and the possibility of failure becomes smaller. If you understand further, you can read Secrets of Small Business Tips to Success, to be more sure to start a business.


Avoiding 7 mistakes when starting a business : 
  • Not Testing a Business Idea
  • Relying on the Product
  • Doing Everything Alone
  • Not Expanding the Networ
  • Too Much to Receive Input
  • Work with the Wrong People
  • Immature Planning
Now that's 7 mistakes when starting a business and you should avoid and prepare yourself to face all the risks that might occur. Stay optimistic and keep fighting for the success of your business. After you read this article, try to start your practice to build a business, you can start with a business that is easy enough with minimal capital, by building a dropship business in the article Is Dropship an Easy Business? Let's discuss it further. Good luck !