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Is Dropship an Easy Business? Let's discuss it further


Dropship is a very easy business

Get to know more about Dropship

Dropship is a profitable business method today. Dropship does not require us to stock up on things or buy things that have a large amount of money. Business with this system can be said that business without capital expenditure.

Droship is also a product marketing where the seller does not need to store the goods being marketed, when there are consumers who order at the seller then the seller forwards the order and the delivery address details to the supplier or manufacturer. Before you start running a dropship business, I'd like to suggest reading the Avoid These 7 Mistakes When You Start A Business first, so you can avoid mistakes before starting a business.

This dropship business is usually done online, although some do it offline. Dropship online will be easier than offline. Because if all online can use an automatic system, but if we have to be offline we can also show the goods to the buyer.

The profit gained from this dropship business is also very large, even reaching hundreds to thousands of dollars per month. This will certainly be very lucrative, moreover this business can be done by all groups, ranging from students, students, housewives and also employees who do not interfere with work activities.

The development of technology also greatly triggers the development of this dropship business, because it makes it easy for us to make orders as well as make transactions and also sales. Everything is clearly systemized. So that we as sellers will not be fooled by buyers.


How to Run a Profitable Dropship Business

To start a dropship business is certainly very easy, you just need to prepare an internet. After that, just look for an online store that provides dropship features. After finding a suitable online store that also provides purchases with dropship, then we market the goods / services from the online store.

The marketing of this dropship certainly has to use unusual techniques because dropship is different from conventional business methods. To be able to get a large profit from a business with dropship, you must pay attention to the following:

Keyword research

Even though we do business using dropship, we also need to do keyword research because it is very important to determine what items you want to market and also what trends are happening right now.

To research keywords you can use Google trends, Google Adwords, keyword suggestions, or keywordtool.oi. You can explore for yourself what keywords are again potentially much sought after by people and indeed quality goods.

Web dropship provider

Now many websites that provide dropship so you can use the web as a manufacturer. Dropship web providers such as Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay and many more. Of course this gives us the flexibility to search for products that we will start based on keyword research earlier.

Marketing through social media

After finding what items you want to sell based on research keywords. The next step is marketing through our own social media. We can market via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

You can create interesting images and add a little caption to your social media status. So there are people who are interested in clicking and asking us. When there are people who want to order, we can direct the manufacturer's website or we also order goods on the website using the destination address of the buyer of our product.
There are two kinds of online marketing, some are free, some are paid by advertising. But for beginners we recommend for the free first. If you have produced you can choose paid marketing.

The advantages and disadvantages of the business dropship system

Every business model certainly has many advantages and also strengths. Here are the advantages of this dropship system business:
  • Very little capital is issued or even without capital to buy goods. If only prepare an internet quota.
  • Easy to work on, this business is very easy for anyone, both those who are working and those who are not yet working. So that it will add side income too.
  • Flexible work time, this is what causes dropship can be done by anyone, because the hours are very flexible, but remember though it is flexible, but sometimes there are chats that are not timely, such as hours of sleep. That is why consumers rarely buy because we do not respond quickly.
  • Small risk, of course, because without the risk capital caused is also small. Different people sell in the normal way they have to stock new goods to sell them so that if the goods are not sold then the seller gets a big loss.
After discussing the disadvantages, now we will discuss the advantages:
  • Having a very tight competitor, of course because this business is easy, so many people do it.
  • Getting a small profit, because of intense competition we also have to adjust to the market, because usually this pendropship often slams the price to get consumers. But this is not good because it will experience a very large loss.
  • It is very difficult to check the stock of goods that are available, so sometimes the goods are empty and still listed ready, this will also reduce the confidence of consumers to us. But to overcome this is often check and leave it in the supiler.
  • It is very difficult to accept complaints, because consumers will immediately complain to the dropshipper (the perpetrators of the dropship), even though the dropshipper does not know the problem where. Sometimes consumers will also get bored waiting for a busy producer reply. This will also eliminate the consumer's sense of trust in our products.


Once you know about the all-round dropship business, all you have to do next is plan to run this business well. Plan all the important points in running this business such as marketing, suppliers of suppliers of dropship goods, to the correct accounting. And to be more sure to start this dropship business, you can add knowledge about 7 Secrets of How to Successfully Build an Online Business so that your business runs in success.