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How Does The Law Of Attraction Work ?

"If you think you can, you can do it"

These magical words were originally the title of a legendary book by Norman Vincent Peale. The message of these words seems clear, that is if we always think positively, always weave "mentality can" (can do attitude), and always imagine the future with an attitude of optimism, then we can reach what we aspire to.

This can be a common basis for explaining the Law of Attraction. In the book "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne, it is said that the great secret of life is the law of attraction. Like attracts likes, that's what LOA says. When we imagine thoughts, they are sent to the Universe, and the mind magnetically attracts all things that are similar, and then returned to its source, which is us.

In other words, if we always imagine negative thoughts - disappointed, failing, angry, always blaming others, frustrated, doubtful, always feeling lacking - then the waves of thoughts will bounce off into the universe, attract similar negative thoughts, and then send back in full force to the source, which is ourselves. 

Slowly but surely, this kind of thought will lead us into an endless dark corridor. In the dark alley, the spirit of optimism, the confidence to succeed, and the struggle to knit a positive imagination, disappeared without leaving a trace. In the end it leads to the futility of life.


That is why some people then give advice so that we keep our distance from the environment that is polluted by negative energy. Unfortunately, every day it seems we are always ambushed with this negative energy. On the streets every morning we are ambushed by a traffic jam that triggers us to immediately let out anger and curse blaming others. 

In the office, we often stare at the glazed faces that carry out their work with an increasingly unsteady spirit. In another corner we also often meet with the complainer, whose work every day only complains: complaining that the boss is unfair, complaining why his career is not going up, or complaining why the coffee served by the office boy tastes too bitter.

Also, when we go home, and briefly read the news in the newspaper and see talk shows on television, the contents are often always loaded with negative news and a dark picture of pessimism. One observer criticizes this, the other observer blames it. Other observers again give a picture of the future of the nation as if it will fall into eternal darkness.

So When all the atmosphere of life around us has been filled with negative energy, and when the narrative lined up about a gloomy future always dances before us, then what should we really do? We certainly cannot allow ourselves to dissolve in it, because that means that it will only throw us into a puddle of fate that is full of lamentation and endless pain.

It's good to think of a good phrase from the following book "The Secret": "We cannot help the world by focusing on negative things. When we focus on negative events, we not only add them, but also bring more negative things into our own lives. Also in this book, Rhonda Byrne provides an overview of "the thoughts we imagine today, will create our future lives. 

What we think about most or focus on will emerge as our life. Our mind will become something. Now therefore, we must once again emphasize in ourselves that what we think will attract similar thoughts and then reflect them back to us.


Thus, if the things that dominate our shadows and thoughts are negative things - disappointed, failing, angry, always blaming others, frustrated, doubtful, feeling always lacking - then the waves of thoughts will bounce to the universe, attract negative thoughts that and send back to us.
On the other hand, if our minds are filled with visualizations laden with positive energy - about the zest for life, about the belief to embrace a pinch of success, about abundance, about the excitement of overflowing optimism, about thanksgiving that never stops flowing - then the traces of life will surely bring us immersed in the nirvana of ultimate happiness.

For this reason, motivational experts always encourage us to always take care of our brains and minds so that they are always in the positive realm. Positive visualization and energy bursts, in other words, need to be constantly boiled and injected into all the nerve cells of our brain. Therefore, a beautiful imagination about your success and your happiness can begin to be described perfectly.

In fact, the idea of a correlation between a positive life spirit and an individual's level of success was elaborated extensively by academics long before the appalling Law of Attraction book was published. Martin Seligman is one of the characters. This figure who is often referred to as the Father of Positive Psychology, through his book titled Learned Optimism has provided a solid elaboration on how the spirit of optimism and positive mindset is very influential on the success of life.

The question now is: how to make our life journey always covered by positive energy and a spirit of optimism that stomps and continues to flow.

One popular method is through positive visualization techniques (I will review this technique in the next article). 

Another practical way might be this: drowning ourselves in social circles or communities that have positive life visions. Maybe we can start from the closest environment, family. Siren all interactions in our family with positive energy, knit productive communication with our spouses (and not flood it with various complaints such as: Oh dear, why are the side dishes so salty? Or: How about my mom, how come my underwear doesn't dry? ). Then, abundant also our children with praise and appreciation (and not with a series of negative sentences such as: why is your report card bad, why is Andi's math better than you, etc.).

Then, build friendships with people who are always able to spread the flame of persistence in every trace of their steps. Spread interaction with those who can always blossom the belief to embrace success; and not a person who can only emit negative energy. 

And spread our wings of association with those who always see problems as a challenge that can certainly be resolved - and not with people who only sow complaints, blame each other and issue endless complaints.

On the other hand, it might also be good if we lavish life with reading and knowledge that are inspiring, refreshing and able to bring enlightenment. We can extract that reading from quality books, magazines or blogs. This inspiring knowledge might be able to sustain and assist us in knitting a life ethic which is overwhelmed by positive energy.



In the end it must be said that the road to heaven for happiness is really a steep and winding road. But always face the long road with a positive attitude to life, with a spirit of optimism, with a lumpy belief, and with an abundance of gratitude that flows endlessly. Also with solemn prayer ’without stopping to the Divine. Believe me, a thousand angels will always hear the prayer we whisper day and night.