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Food Truck Business Marketing Strategy


Food truck business is selling food using a vehicle. The food truck business lately continues to flourish, especially in big cities. In various countries, the trend began in 2012 and has continued to develop since then. Food trucks are present at various events, serving a variety of dishes ranging from Western food to local food. The benefits gained are quite large. In a large event, the turnover obtained can even reach $ 3000 per day.

The attraction of the food truck business arises from the flexibility of the business owner to come to prospective customers. Food trucks are not limited to one specific location and are easier to reach more consumers in new areas. You can visit places with different target markets, such as campuses, offices, schools, and others.

However, of course there are challenges in running a food truck business. Although there is no need to pay rent for business locations, you need to take the time to take care of licensing in each place that your food truck will visit.

Finding the right location for your food truck can also be a challenge. In addition, processing and cooking food in a food truck kitchen is certainly more difficult with all its limitations compared to preparing food in the kitchen of a restaurant or cafe.

The marketing step for food trucks is also very important, especially because food trucks do not have a fixed 'hangout' place. So, you must be keen to find ways to keep your customers loyal to you. 

Then what is an effective marketing strategy for the food truck business? 

The following are some steps that might concern you:

1. Modify food trucks with interest

You can overcome various challenges in the food truck business with the right marketing strategy. Some of them you can see in this article.


Food trucks that are modified with a unique and interesting can be a separate promotional media for your business. Prepare a creative concept for modifying your food truck, according to the menu presented. This unusual appearance will make your food truck more memorable and stand out compared to other food trucks.

2. Be active on social media

Food trucks do not have fixed locations and tend to change locations every day. Therefore, your food truck must be active on social media, so your loyal customers can get your food truck location information every day. You can also carry out some interesting marketing steps through your food truck social media. When you do a food truck business it is very important that you promote it on Instagram, and you can read marketing tips through Instagram.

In addition, photos and videos from your menu can help attract new customers, while keeping your old customers loyal to your food truck.

3. Positive reviews

Did you know that 84% of people trust online reviews from a business? That is why positive reviews from customers can also be an effective promotional media for your food truck business. So, provide the best service for your customers to minimize the appearance of negative reviews on your business.

In addition, ask your customers to take the time and provide a review of your business. Do this smooth and non-coercive, yes.

4. Promos and discounts

Promos and discounts are generally effective at attracting new customers to try the dishes that your food truck sells. In order for more effective promos and discounts, you have to be flexible in preparing promos and discounts that fit your food truck location every day. For example, special discounts for students when food trucks are in the area around the school and others.


5. Food Samples

Your food truck menu is the best promotion media for you. So, there is no harm in preparing free food samples on prospective customers in your food truck. If your menu is delicious, you will have no trouble attracting new customers.


Running a food truck business is indeed full of challenges. Usually 20-30 percent of food truck entrepreneurs will usually fail than the first two months of their business operations. But if you successfully find loyal customers and do not know giving up facing various challenges in running a food truck business, this business has the opportunity to provide benefits and inner satisfaction for you. If you want other business inspiration you can read this business inspiration.