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4 Signs You Are Still in Your Comfort Zone ! | Entrepreneur Version

A comfort zone is something that you do automatically. Without you having to think more, without you having to drain your brain / mind. But are you aware, that the comfort zone is a zone "NO FORWARD". So the comfort zone is a dangerous zone. And many people are not aware of the signs they have entered into the comfort zone.


The Signs or Characteristics You Are Still in Your Comfort Zone :

#1 Only believe in one's own experience

Believing in one's own experience is not wrong. Suppose you have built a business. Turnover in a month maybe $10,000. But it is in an era where "success is achieved" when you run it. And how long do you build it?

You might build the business in 5 years. You do have experience, you do have achievements. But let me remind you:
There is no business that doesn't change.
There are no achievements that don't change.
There is no era that does not change.
Even now in sports matches in the world, everyone is not enough to just rely on training. But they must improve their nutrition. Otherwise they will be left behind.

There is no eternal victory and no eternal defeat. There is no eternal success and no eternal failure. You must remember that. So if you feel that you are the smartest, the most understanding, and you only believe in your own abilities, be careful. This is one sign that you are in the comfort zone.

You do not want to study. You already feel that you are the best. And you don't want to open up insights. Even you do not want to gain new knowledge. You don't want to expand your thinking horizons. This is what indicates that you are 'trapped', but you are not aware. These are the first signs.


#2 You don't dare to invest more

The second signs are that you don't dare to invest more. So for example, suppose your office needs new technology. You must spend a little profit from your business to invest more. Because maybe by investing this tool, your business will grow faster and save time.

If you used to print brochures before using screen printing paint, now you are using digital printing. You must dare to invest more. If you might work in a business that has to find prospects, then you should invest more. Try taking part in a seminar to watch motivational videos or meet with a book author then that will open your horizons.

That is one of the characteristics of people who want to invest more. For example opening a branch, hiring a consultant, or hiring a coach. It all needs more investment. So you have to learn that the world can change at any time.

Humans always grow. If you only learn from your own experience today, reading from your own lessons 10 years-20 years ago, then you will be crushed by change. That is for sure. So you have to LEARN TO INVEST MORE.


#3 Performing routines without evaluation

The third characteristic is doing routine without evaluation. Are you aware that someone who is trapped in a comfort zone, he has a sign. The routine is monotonous. Go to the office - go home. And so on every day. Go to work - come home from work, come home from work - go to work.

But, have you ever done an evaluation? Evaluations such as: "Is your work effective?" Sometimes people don't understand that their work is inefficient and ineffective. For example, you analyze the performance of your business. 

When you analyze the performance of your business, your business tends not to increase, but to stagnate. You do not realize that it is a sign or sign that you are trapped in a routine that you may have done for years. But you haven't done an evaluation, why isn't this routine enough?

Consistent is a MUST. But consistent is not enough to just do the routine. You must also CONSISTENTLY LEARN. You must CONSISTENTLY ADD SCIENCE. Consistent learning from more successful people. That is what will make ‘your business will grow up everyday‘.

Suppose you want to be a singer. Your voice may be sweet. But if you want to be a great singer, it's not enough just to have a sweet voice. You have to practice vocal work, have to use belly sounds, and have to learn from the best singers. It's not just 'pretty' capital. Beautiful people with that sweet voice are many. But why did he become a legendary singer? YOU MUST LEARN FROM THE BEST. So that's what makes your routine there must always be an evaluation.


#4 Likes to blame others rather than improve yourself

And the fourth is like blaming others rather than improving yourself. This is very dangerous, fatal. People who are like this, they are clearly no longer a sign of entering the comfort zone. But it was clear he was trapped in the wrong mindset. Even people like this are already immune to criticism. He no longer wants to accept criticism and advice.

Even if he is criticized, he is not thankful, but he is angry. I want to tell you who have this way of thinking. Whatever your age, whatever white hair you have, it does not guarantee your success today. I know that my words are not pleasant to hear.

People who are successful at the age of 40, 50, up to 60 years will not be like that. There is a story, there is someone who has a successful store for 40 years. The most crowded shop in the area. But the shop owner did not want to clean up and change the store. 

And finally, this shop is crushed by the times. Run over by the flow of information, the flow of technology, the flow of distribution that is now easier, and the technology that is now much more advanced. So this shop is stuck in a comfort zone. I heard information lately, the store finally went bankrupt. Even though he has survived for 40 years.

No matter how long you are still in that industry, if you don't want to change your strategy, you must learn for a new strategy.

You must learn from new young people, you must learn from new strategies, and learn from new technologies. That is a sign that you will move forward. If not, that means your business is in trouble. Your performance is in trouble. Your career is in trouble. And whatever you do now is in trouble.



Therefore, my message is be careful if you have signs like this. I remind you not to be trapped in a zone, which is the COMFORT ZONE. These signs you must immediately realize. 

If not, you will be trapped and suddenly your business is destroyed. I did not expect that. But if you do not want to care about these signs, lest your business will be included in the list of the next bankrupt company? List of businesses that will disappear next. I do not want that to happen. Likewise for whatever business you do now and whatever career you do now.

That's all my tips this time. Hopefully you can improve these signs. Do not let you get stuck. And if you are aware, congratulations! Quickly clean up, fast forward. Undoubtedly whatever you do will be safe, even able to achieve far better achievements.

Success for you, great greetings, incredible ...!