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Biography of Jack Ma The Founder of Alibaba is apparently not a Math or IT person !


Biography of Jack Ma The Founder of Alibaba, who would have thought an English teacher like Jack Ma could set up Alibaba Group? Reporting through stated that Jackma admitted he was not good at mathematics or technology.

The reality is not so familiar with mathematics and computer science, it still makes Jack Ma managed to build Alibaba. The largest retail trading company in the world that made Jack Ma into the list of 20 billionaires of the world. What secret does Jack Ma have? Check out this is a biography of Jack Ma.

Jack Ma Has Lots of Failures

There are so many biographies of Jack Ma out there stating he repeatedly failed in many ways. Failure is a valuable investment for Jack Ma. It was there that Jack Ma learned about perseverance and patience.

30 times failed to find a job, 10 times were rejected by Harvard, 2 times failed a university test because of mathematics, excluded and considered trivial never prevented young Jack Ma from dreaming.

 Jack Ma Always Wants To Know

Jack Ma was born into a poor family. During his childhood he became a free tour guide that takes tourists, just to learn English.

Why did you establish Alibaba? It started when Jack Ma was asked to collect debt from someone in the US by a Chinese company. He had the opportunity to visit the United States and took time to meet his relatives in Seattle.

When he entered his relatives' house, he saw a computer connected to the internet. The internet at that time was not yet widespread in China. However, Jack Ma tried it and looked for things related to China.

Fortunately, Jack Ma found nothing about China. Because this is what made Jack Ma began to study business. 4 years later he built Alibaba, without strong knowledge of the internet, you know!

With a good personality, friendly, and humorous he managed to build his team and convince the Chinese people one by one about the internet. Until finally attracted a lot of attention of large companies in China.

Sleep, Wake, Try on!

Jack Ma said it's okay to fail again and again. The most important thing is that you accept it and learn to understand where it went wrong. Of course, failure doesn't make you happy, but Jack Ma says just accept it, sleep, wake up, and try again.

"Overtime working is a huge bless" this is what Jack Ma said as quoted by CNBC. Understand what your strengths are and maximize your potential.

An Innovative Leader

Jack Ma always values different opinions, he never sees someone based on his educational background. According to him, all have the opportunity, as long as they are constructive and innovative people.

Reported by, Stephen Elop (Nokia) stated that they did not make any mistakes, but suddenly Nokia lost and became extinct. This is why creativity is important.

Performer Figure!

Not many know Jack Ma is a humorous figure but hard-working. He always said that love is the key to success. Jack-Ma likes to sing on stage and follow martial arts or Tai-chi.

Retired since 2019 from Alibaba

Since September 2019, Alibaba's baton was handed over to Daniel Zhang. Jack Ma has never quit Alibaba, according to him Alibaba is not only about Jack Ma, but Jack Ma will always be a part of Alibaba.

Since then, he has continued his mission to become a teacher. Jack Ma even followed in the footsteps of Bill Gates by establishing the Jack Ma Foundation. He always feels happy when teaching.
Jack Ma once said, more or less like this, "Ages under 20 be obedient and good students, 20-30 follow and find a good company boss, 30-40 learn to be able to do alone, 40-50 focus and especially on things that you are good at, 50-60 work for investment purposes, 60> enjoy your life."

What is Jack Ma's story and biography ? The point is business is not built in a short time, ok. Keep the spirit alive !