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Want to Build a Business? Maybe this Business Idea Can Be An Inspiration


Business ideas are not easy to come by. But if we have the desire to do business, we must have the courage to start it. Because many people have ideas, but they don't dare to start.

Doing business today has started to be occupied by many people. This is because they want to get more income from the business they want to run. Some of us sometimes always feel less with the income we get from the office. So to add and add income, then you can try doing a side business.

    Indeed, sometimes we already have the intention to do business, but we are confused about what business to do. Though many business ideas, you can do. If you are confused maybe some of the following business ideas can be your reference for starting a business. If you still need tips on how to successfully build a business, you can also read our chosen article, 7 Secrets of How to Successfully Build an Online Business that will add to your confidence in building your dream business.

    Business idea

    Women's Product Business

    Women's Beauty Products Business

    Women are one of the market shares that always invites the tastes of many brands, coupled with an increase in the number of the female population in 2019, this year it is also certain that their population will increase.  Based on the data, the emergence of platforms related to several women's issues, both media and products, is increasing. So, business in this section will definitely remain promising in the future.

    There are so many women's products that you can sell, ranging from fashion, cosmetics, shoes, and so on. No need to worry, if you are a shy person. You can sell online, now there are lots of buying and selling sites online and you can become a seller on that site.

    Fitness Club Business

    Fitness Club

    Based on data, many young people or millennials are addicted to unhealthy foods or drinks, and little attention to health. This means opening up health and fitness services for young people can be a promising business. Make plans and programs that are more interesting, and are loved by young people to attract potential customers.

    You can also start by targeting friends first. If you have enough capital and a good place, you can try renting the place, while watching the development of your new business.

    Business Education Application for Children

    Business Education Application for Children

    Not only women and young people, but children are also a market segment that is always growing in the future. Children will become your future prospects in the future, so make sure you can associate their loyalty from now on.

    Based on Media 2020 data, one-third of children in the world are connected to their gadget. Therefore, this is a business opportunity for anyone who wants to make technology products or applications for children. For example, you make an educational game about health, so you also have to be able to win the hearts of their parents.

    You can also try by making videos that educate and you make it to the children's segment. If you can get enough viewers on YouTube, then YouTube will also pay you.

    Business Consultant

    Business Consultant

    If you have talent in certain fields, especially in terms of theory, you can use it to open a consulting service. You can market your services to people who are looking for consulting services or through social media.

    You can keep this business as a consultant through a blog or site that you manage with interesting material and discussion. The use of social media can make it easier for prospective clients to find you. Also, design your blog according to the part that you will offer.

    For example, you are very skilled in the fashion department. So, on the blog show your power to determine clothes, mix and match clothes to choose clothes for work or to parties and more. Your strengths, if demonstrated by continuing to attract the interest of prospective clients to work together. Then your consulting service will be known by many people.

    Property Agent Business

    Property Agent Business

    The realm of property is one of the most promising areas of the business to go through. You don't need to spend money to run it. Enough to find people who want to sell their house, apartment or shop.

    If you succeed in selling one property at a price of $ 300,000, the commission you get can reach 2.5% -7%, which is $ 2000- $ 5000. Imagine if you can sell as many as two types of property at the same price range, in your month can get as much as $ 5000 - $ 10,000 from a side business. Very inviting, right?

    Try from now on, if you have a neighbour who wants to sell his house. You can help him sell online.

    Business Becoming an Online Merchant or Reseller

    Online Seller and Reseller business

    E-commerce is now general all people can access. Very many online sites that can be your choice for marketing sales products. Items such as clothes, hijab, hats, shoes, cellular telephone cashing, even food and beverages made by you can also be sold. Just how do you use the features available on online sites and social media so that the products you sell are growing.

    As a beginner, you certainly don't have much experience doing business. Therefore, try to become a reseller first. Even though the product being sold is someone else's product, even marketing knowledge and others can be obtained. For example, being a cosmetic reseller of one brand, you can know what types of cosmetic products the buyer wants.

    If you market lipstick, in fact, the type of lipstick that you sell is already on the market. From their words, you know that right now the trend is a nude matte lipstick. By becoming a reseller, you will increasingly understand what buyers really want.

    Business Becomes an Online Dropshipper Shop

    Become an Online Drop Shipper

    After many online stores have surfaced, you can actually make the opportunity to increase your income coffers. One of them by becoming an online shop broker in other words selling goods from other online stores with a dropship system. With this type of drop-ship business, you certainly don't need to be bothered with the stock of goods that will certainly require a sizeable capital.

    You only need to display the products sold by the supplier and increase your selling price from the price you get from the supplier, the difference is the profit you can get. This dropship secrecy will be awakened if you choose the right supplier because the supplier will send the items ordered by your customers by including the name of the online store that you have when shipping goods. If you want to know how to build a dropship business, can you read Is Dropship an Easy Business? Let's discuss will be discussed on tips for successful dropship business.

    Become a Freelance Writer

    Become a Freelance Writer

    If you have the power to write, surely this can also be used to get extra money besides your monthly salary. With the many e-commerce sites that have sprung up, the opportunity to write articles freely for them is even more open.

    Online businesses are manifold, from simple ones like being a content writer too difficult ones like selling programmer services. You must be creative in winning the competition in this business in terms of the offered model or the quality of the services and products you sell.

    Currently, the opportunity to become an online article writer is very wide, even the prospects for business are so promising because of many websites and sites (blogs) that require articles. Even in just one day, there are several hundred thousand new sites, one of which requires articles, both local sites and foreign websites.

    This business opportunity can be done by anyone, regardless of educational background. For anyone who has a talent for writing and has inspired about writing or writing so it is fitting to start this business. Well, if you are interested in the business of being a writer regardless so there are many things that you might have to recognize so that the business can produce success.

    Blogger Business

    Blogger Business

    From a blogger then become rich. The question is not merely empty talk, because indeed there have been many who prove it.
    The foundation to produce a lot of money from the site (blog) is quality writing. You can try it by writing according to your current job. For example, if you work as an electrician, you can create a site (blog) with the theme of electricity. These tips will make it easier for you in writing. Why? It's simple because you already know and experience what will be written.

    Another good news is the capital you need to prepare to start blogging at most $ 100- $ 500 per year. The assumption is that you buy a domain and hosting at a local hosting provider, and make your own writing. In fact, it can be without capital if you use a free site (blog) base, for example,

    Business Web Designer

    So a site designer with an amazing portfolio can make a lot of money. Especially when you have built a marketing network with the aim of making a portal site as a small to mid-sized business opportunity at home.

    Graphic Design

    Graphic Design Services Business

    Are you an employee working in a graphic design company or do you like graphic design? You can make money from that skill. For example, you can make design services for business cards, logos, clothes, mascots, posters, booths and interiors.

    About capital, if you use the online design market, you only have enough to pay for an internet connection as long as you use the design tools or software that you have. That is if your internet environment pays, if it does not mean this business is free without capital.

    Home Business Ideas

    Culinary business

    Culinary business is one of the favorite types of business. How not, the culinary business is experiencing rapid development at this time. Almost everyone needs fast food, especially for mothers who are lazy to cook at home. Of course, they will buy food outside. See this opportunity, you can be sure that the culinary business is always growing along with the increasing need for fast food.

    The culinary business is almost done by everyone in the entire country because culinary is indeed a primary need of many people. Who in this world doesn't need food? But the culinary business cannot be calculated easily. You can't just sell, you have to have culinary products that have tastes, as well as good quality and of course prices that can compromise with consumers. If so, your business can run smoothly without significant obstacles.

    Or you can also try a culinary business like below.

    Coffeeshop Business

    Coffeeshop Business

    Almost everyone likes to drink coffee. Small coffee shops do not require a capital of more than $ 400 if they are set up on the side of the road, or even in your own yard. The concept can be in the form of seating that sells various types of snacks and drinks, the most important, namely coffee. Your coffee shop will be bought by your neighbours and acquaintances before they start working.

    There are some important needs that are bought and the price is cheap. A banner with the name Coffeeshop, kitchen utensils, and your stove to warm food. Please note, the possibility that often happens is stale food because it does not sell.

    Doing business for breakfast snacks
    Business breakfast snacks
    Providing food for breakfast is an inspiration for a part-time business that promises you to do it. This is because many employees are not comfortable providing their own breakfast.

    Interestingly, you can use the front yard of the house to sell food. In addition, the menu that you offer can be varied, including chicken porridge, bread, salads, and fried foods.

    The capital you must spend to start this business is around $ 400 per month. 80% of the money is to buy raw materials, such as eggs, wheat, chicken meat, seasonings, and vegetables. The rest is to buy fuel and transport. With that much capital, you have the opportunity to earn $ 1,000 a month in net income.

    The business of ordering cakes

    Businesses Receiving Cake Orders

    Businesses Receiving Cake Orders

    Do you like baking? Make this your favourite business opportunity. Some people like to taste sweet food but are lazy to make it themselves. Cake orders don't require a lot of capital because the costs you have to spend depending on the order. You also do not need to pay rent and other places.

    This business opportunity requires you to buy an oven for baking bread. But there are a number of traditional oven choices that are valued under $ 100. Additionally, you can apply for payment in advance to buy some of the ingredients needed. If you already have the choice to start a business, then you can read the Secrets of Small Business Tips to Success, to be more sure to start a business


    Those are some business ideas that you can do and be aside for your business and additional income for you. But if you can, don't think of business as just a side business. But focus on the business is your main goal. Don't forget, next you read Avoid These 7 Mistakes When You Start A Business to be more sure to build a successful business

    Hopefully, the above business ideas can be your ideas too to start a business that is quite convincing.