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3 Things You Must Master Before Using "Law of Attraction"


3 Important Things You Must Master First to Use the Law of Attraction properly.

The law of attraction is often discussed by many as the basic law in human life. There is even one famous book in the world, "The Secret", which also reviews the law of attraction, I believe that you who are brought to this blog also know what the law of attraction is, or more commonly referred to as LOA (Law of Attraction).

Why this time I write about the law of attraction, of course there is a reason. Discussing LOA is interesting because it turns out that many people are wrong in understanding this law of attraction, most of them only read from the book "The Secret" and conclude themselves, so it becomes a misunderstanding.

The misconception that many people have after reading the book "The Secret" about the law of attraction is always to assume that for the core of LOA (Law of Attraction) is visualization.

Whereas the name of visualization is not a special condition that is difficult to do, everyone at all times must do the name of visualization and there is no one who cannot do visualization.

There were questions from LOA seminar participants, the question "I have adopted the LOA method but why has my life not changed", this question is usually answered by myself that this person does not fully understand what LOA is, or is wrong in understanding LOA. I want to share 3 important things that need to be mastered to understand about LOA, what are the important things? Check out my explanation below

First, Get to Know Yourself Correctly

The first thing that needs to be mastered before using the LOA law is to know correctly who we are, recognize ourselves correctly. Correct self-understanding makes the new LOA effect felt, but if the understanding of yourself is wrong then the LOA effect becomes wrong too.

When the person who makes the concept of LOA and applies it then his life changes well while you think you have applied but his life has not changed, then what is wrong is not the LOA theory, but your understanding of yourself is wrong.

Second, Recognize the Definition of LOA Correctly

Many people mention LOA but don't understand its meaning, and not only about LOA, but also about Mind and various other terms. Just mention but don't understand the meaning.

LOA meaning in words is the law of attraction, but we must understand correctly, what is drawn and what is interesting. Actually what is interesting about that incident is our own mind, so to apply LOA in life you must first understand how the mind works properly.

Third, Get to Know God Right

There is a wrong perception when assuming that the LOA law does not rely on God, why is it Wrong? Because what makes the LOA law is actually the LORD, because LOA is indeed God's rule given by humans. I take the example of one of the verses of the Qur'an:
"And indeed a human being does not get other than what has been he strives {QS an-Najm [53]: 39}"
This verse actually explains the law of attraction, and that is exactly how God makes the rules. So, when your perception of God is wrong then surely the LOA law also has wrong results. 

Greetings, may all of us always be given abundance.