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10 Great Tips for Hiring Employees for Small Businesses


Hiring the right employees for your small capital business is very important because each one of these employees will hold high costs for the business and not to mention time costs! Follow these ten tips for hiring the perfect employee to fill a vacancy in a business:

#1. Follow the rule of law

The first key is to find out what your legal obligations are during the recruitment process. Don't let your business be said to be a discriminatory business, because this can create serious problems for the business in the future. Try asking for a lawyer who is familiar with the law on business before hiring employees, to make sure you know how to avoid problems like this.


#2. Write a good job advertisement

The key to getting the right prospective employee is writing a job advertisement that truly illustrates the position and skills needed. Writing briefly, descriptive ads will help you attract the right candidates, and will also help prepare to hire the right people by forcing you to think about what is needed in new employees. Namely by :

Must know your needs

The first step that must be done before recruiting employees is that you must determine what is needed and expected. You must ascertain specific employee needs such as the type of work, tasks to be performed, quality of employees to be recruited.

Why do you need to recruit employees?

That question can help you to know and understand the specific employees needed.

Do not let you recruit employees but do not affect the development of your business.

Make employee qualifications according to needs

The thing that must be considered in recruiting employees is that you must determine the employee qualifications needed.


  • You need employees who can help in the field of financial accounting so you should look for employees who have the ability in the field of financial accounting.
  • You can pay attention to the educational background, work experience and also the character of the prospective employee.
  • Therefore you must prepare employee criteria according to your needs. The criteria that you make are not only about skills, education, but also must pay attention to the attitude or character of employees.
  • Having a good attitude or character will certainly make your employees contribute well in the business.
  • Also make sure prospective employees have the ability to work together with the team so they can carry out business strategies together.

#3. Do a review on the resume

In your job advertisement, ask for a physical copy or email resume. Reviewing resumes can save time, allowing you to discard potential employees who are clearly not suitable for the job. Even if you don't want to waste too much time reading your resume, sifting through your resume and searching for specific keywords and skills can help avoid spending too much time interviewing candidates who are clearly not likely to be accepted.


#4. Plan ahead for the interview

Don't go to an interview without preparation. Instead, make sure you take time before the interview by preparing a list of information that needs to be known. Make a list of questions, add new questions if needed, or delete some questions during the interview, if necessary. What you can include when interviewing your prospective employee is as follows:
The next step to recruiting employees is to interview prospective employees who fit your criteria.

To conduct an interview you can prepare it by determining the interview schedule, compiling questions and various information that you need from your prospective employee.

Choose a time and place to conduct interviews that allow you to get prospective employees to do interviews comfortably.

Some things you should consider when conducting an interview include:

a. Standard evaluation

When conducting an interview you must have the employee standards that you need. The first thing that you must pay attention to is knowing things that you should know. You must be able to provide a standard of assessment to prospective employees.

With this assessment, you can accumulate these assessments according to the prospective employee criteria that you need.

b. Knowing the motivation of prospective employees

The thing that you must know when doing interview is knowing the motivation of prospective employees to apply for a job.

c. Test the ability of prospective employees

After you evaluate and also know the motivation of prospective employees, the next step is to test the ability of prospective employees.

By testing the abilities or skills of prospective employees, you can ensure that the prospective employee can do the work in accordance with your expectations.

d. Determine salary

The final step in conducting an interview is to determine the right salary for the prospective employee.

You can determine salary according to the agreement with prospective employees. In addition you give a probation period to prospective employees for several months by giving salary in the form of an internship fee.

e. Know the character of the employee

Character is something you should pay attention to prospective employees. To see the character of prospective employees certainly requires a lot of time.

For this reason, you can provide training to prospective employees so that you can pay attention to the character of prospective employees.

During this training period you can also pay attention to the integrity of prospective employees such as:

  • Be consistent in doing work
  • Can communicate well and also can be trusted
  • Open nature
  • Always keep promises
  • Have high loyalty and commitment to the company

#5. Try a group interview

If there are thousands of job applicants, try to do a group interview. This is very helpful if your future employees must be able to work in a team situation. During a group interview, you can ask a few basic questions, or you can even provide a number of tasks to complete in groups and see who appears as a flexible leader or thinker.

#6. Use the standard evaluation form during the interview

It's important to be able to evaluate all your potential employees with the same standards, so creating and using an evaluation form can help. Think about what needs to be known about prospective employees, and make an evaluation form that reflects that. A good form of evaluation can be a mix of quantitative values - such as a scale of one to ten to see how the personality of the interviewee is, how much experience they have, etc. - and questions that you can answer about them during and after the interview.

#7. Knowing the motivation of prospective employees

This might be the most difficult thing to come up with in an interview, but it's really important. You need to understand the true motivation of job applicants. Some skilled candidates who if not seen to have good character only want to use your small business as a stepping stone.

#8. Test your real abilities

If your job requires several types of skills, test with tests for important skills. Even if you think the work is really simple and just follow the basic instructions, ensuring that they really can read and follow the basic instructions is very important!

#9. Use all references

We are all tempted to "save time" by not calling all candidates, especially if you get good reviews on the first candidate list. However, different references allow different experiences for prospective employees, so calling them all is a good idea. And also, prepare to call references as you would prepare for an interview - with a list of questions, you can get the information you need most.

#10. Recruit on a trial basis

Many countries have laws that allow small businesses to employ employees on a trial basis for three months, during which time they will receive lower salaries. If you cannot offer a lower salary, explain that you are hiring on a trial phase. After three months or more, give employees a review to see if they do a good job and really contribute to the business.

These ten tips can make you more effective at hiring employees who can truly benefit your small business. Also hiring employees who really care about your business and do their jobs well is one of the best ways to keep a small business big. If you want other ways to recruit employees, try effective ways to recruit through social media.



By following and reading the description above, it is hoped that it will broaden your horizons about how to lead employees in your small business and no longer be confused to determine and choose the right employee for your small company. Now that you know how to recruit employees for your business, don't forget to read 7 Mistakes When You Start A Business so your business can avoid failure. Good luck !