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Customer Database: What is the Importance for Business?


The importance of databases is useful for storing various information needed for business progress, for example customer data, marketing data, transaction data, etc. That is why databases are an integral part of a business given the important information that is collected and stored. If utilized to the maximum, the information contained in the database will benefit your business.

One of the databases you need to use is the customer database. The database usually contains customer names, demographic and psychographic data, addresses, and other information related to customers. If you are able to utilize the database optimally, there will be many benefits to be gained.

The Importance of Using a Database for Business.

Among them:

Knowing Performance

Through a customer database, you can analyze the performance or team's performance in the company. You can find out whether they are able to increase sales or even harm the company based on the data collected. If the customer database increases, the team's performance is indeed on target. However, if the customer database does not increase or even go down, then you need to evaluate teamwork as soon as possible so that the declining performance can be corrected immediately.

Knowing Market Potential

Having an accurate and complete customer database can help you determine market potential in terms of age group or demographic location. That way you can more easily determine which products are suitable to be offered in these target markets. Conversely, if the customer database shows a decline in sales in an area, then you can immediately determine what marketing strategies are roughly able to boost sales in that location.

Sales Directions

With proper customer database management, you can easily get directions to enter the right market while increasing sales. Customer database can also help you carry out various sales activities effectively and efficiently. Especially if the sales team is equipped with an accurate and prospective customer database, then you can more quickly determine the right direction of sales.

Means of Communication with Customers

If you already have an accurate customer database, the next task is to use that database to establish good communication with customers. You can also build a more personalized communication strategy so that customers will feel closer and more valued by your business. Through this communication, you can also build trust while making them loyal to your business.

Customer database is very important for every business. Fortunately, collecting and organizing the data is not a difficult thing anymore, especially with the advances in technology as it is today. From the example above, it can be concluded that the customer database plays an important role in increasing business in the midst of intense competition as it is today. So make sure you make the best use of the customer database to benefit the business.

Then how do I get a customer database? Consider the following 8 ways to get your customer database.


How to Get a Customer Database Online

In the business world / business that is very important called customer database, it is not surprising if out there are a lot of consumer data buying and selling transactions with the aim that it is easy to get targeted prospective customers.

In fact, you can observe the marketplace on many platforms that dares to provide shipping subsidies of up to billions just to get a database of consumers & suppliers, where with the data the markeplace can find out the interests of the markets that make transactions on their sites.

Actually there are many ways to get and collect customer databases both organic and paid for those of you who are just starting an online business without having to spend large funds like the markeplace where their funds are billions or even trillions.

How to Get a Customer Database

Here I will explain how to get a customer database online which you can then process as a potential target market to be your customer. What are the ways and how to get the data both by free and paid? Alright see my explanation below

1. Facebook Personal

Of the thousands of your friends on Facebook who are well known or unknown, certain of them are the target market of the products you want to offer, this Facebook book you can do advertisements about your product when someone is interested they will definitely contact you regardless of it later so buy or not, but in this way you can get a customer database that can be used as data to be managed again so that they are willing to buy the product you have.

2. Facebook group

In this group you can occasionally post products that you want to offer to group members in the hope that someone is interested and contact you to ask about the products posted so that sales can occur or at least you have obtained data from the many people who are interested in the product.

3. Facebook Ads

On Facebook ads you have to spend a little money to advertise your product so that it can reach potential customers more broadly and targeted according to specifications that will be targeted based on gender, location, age and so forth.

Surely after the ad runs there will be contacting you either via Whatsapp, Inbox, Comments and so on, then there will be sales or not between them, but at least you have a database of customers who enter so many.

4. Instagram

Not much different from personal Facebook where on Instagram you can upload a product that you sell so that if anyone is interested will contact you and buy the product.

5. Email

You can get as many e-mail databases as possible by giving away a free ebook which when they want to download must fill in their e-mail and name.


6. Website & SEO

Through WEBSITE & SEO you can get the data recorded to the contact number that you specify, so those who are interested in the products that you include on the website will definitely contact you to buy the product.

7. Group & Telegram Channel

You can share free online ebooks / courses that are about to attract their interest to join your telegram group or channel so that you can gather prospective markets in one place.

8. Whatsapp Group

Likewise with telegram you can use the ultimate style of sharing ebooks / free knowledge that makes them join the Whatsapp groups that you have shared.


How to Manage a Customer Database

  • Of the 8 ways above in getting a customer database, you can manage it so that in the future sales can occur, then how do you make it so that those who were just wondering can be your costomer and even repeat orders.
  • If the total database entered through the 8 ways above may be up to hundreds or even thousands of people who are interested in your product but did not buy it at that time for different reasons, for that you can collect them in one container in a group either Whatsapp or telegram by giving discounts or promo prices up to a certain time limit.
  • It is certain that they are likely to be more interested and immediately join the groups that you have prepared and buy products that have been offered previously at lower prices, of course.
  • At least in this way you already have a target market that has been accommodated in a group so that in the future you can sell different products but still one niche. Yays, make sure in the group you also post knowledge that is useful for them so they do not leave your group as soon as possible.
  • That's my explanation about how to get and manage a customer database so that those who were just asking questions can become customers and even your loyal customers.


Thank you for reading about the importance of databases for your business. Hopefully with you reading this you get new knowledge and you will soon practice it. Greetings amazing success!