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10 Tourism Business Opportunities and How to Develop a Business in Tourism


10 Tourism Business Opportunities and How to Develop a business in Tourism

As technology advances, traveling and traveling is becoming increasingly accessible to people from all over the world. The tourism industry has flourished, allowing individuals to utilize available resources creating income streams where previously none existed. Here are ten profitable business opportunities in the tourism industry and how to develop them:

10 Seductive Business Opportunities in the Tourism Industry:

1. Lodging

With the increase in online travel agent services such as AirBnB, Expedia, or OneTravel, requests to make lodging reservations online have created a simplified method for property owners to generate additional revenue streams.

For most travelers, having a safe place to sleep is the top and highest priority when arriving at a new or unfamiliar location.

The choice of hotel rooms is the most important consideration for people who are traveling, especially in the case of traveling with family or large parties.

Property owners have the unique opportunity to offer short-term rentals in homes, condos, apartments, even tree houses! Rental property can create a reliable income stream, especially if you live in a city that has a lot of tourism or has a unique type of property to offer to the general public.

2. Vehicle Rental or Ride-sharing

Companies like Rentalcar and Grab serve as the perfect alternative to traditional taxi and shuttle systems. Furthermore, they offer opportunities for individuals to make money at their own pace.

When traveling in a new or unfamiliar area, being able to get around quickly and comfortably is important. The benefits of sharing trips are not only the general public but also individuals who want to earn extra income. In addition, because you get paid for sharing your travel experiences, you must use data and understanding of your place or region to appear as an area tour information expert, to get additional income. You can also open a Food Truck business to attract tourists..

3. Become a Tour Guide

Who is better to help someone get acquainted and explore and new cities or territories if not someone who has lived there for quite a long time?

Furthermore, creating a business with the idea of guided tourism requires very little capital to do. Those who want to start small can create websites and blogs around central themes such as food or art and offer guided tours to their cities visiting central locations based on the segment they choose.

4. Building a Business in Tourist Areas

Because travel has become more accessible, demand for local businesses has also grown exponentially. This has opened up opportunities for businesses such as restaurants, coffee shops, and other potential businesses.

Time has never been better to open a restaurant, nightclub, coffee shop, or special donut shop. Different cultures of travelers or tourists have created opportunities for individuals from all walks of life with a large number of different ideas to be cashed in in a growing market.

Furthermore, the current push to integrate locality with larger brands and organizations has given local businesses an edge because foreign and domestic consumers alike are looking for more authentic experiences in all forms of entertainment, hospitality and services.

5. Become a Photographer

Social media continues to grow making it easier for content creators to connect with their target audience. In terms of tourism, this creates a profitable avenue for income.

The tourism industry is broad and covers both sides of the spectrum: tourists visiting new areas and locals. Tourism duality creates many avenues to approach content creation. For example, if you enjoy traveling and photography, you can produce content that contains images centered around your trip.

On the other side of the equation, local residents can use their familiarity with the local area as a means to attract tourists and the content becomes the information center used by tourists.

6. City and Environment Tourism (Eco and Urban Tourism)

Guided tours through lush nature reserves and the development of the city have become increasingly popular creating other forms of income that can be accessed by those who profit in the tourism industry.

Those looking for profitable business opportunities in the tourism industry can add environmental and urban tourism to this list. This form of travel requires a fairly low capital to start. Furthermore, those who like photography can create an additional stream of income by producing the best pictures during a tour.

7. Souvenir shop

The advent of eCommerce has allowed the essence of conventional stores to develop online.

Those who make money from home can explore online marketing where they sell local specialty items that allow consumers to get access to things that were previously inaccessible. Furthermore, the diversity of markets and the uniqueness of various regions makes a variety of potential business owners to develop globally

8. Become a translator

Linguists who wish to thrive in the tourism industry can utilize their ability for consistent income in various ways. Many business opportunities in tourism is one of the business translators. As a translator you can create a regional tour service and assist in market transactions around the area.

9. Event Organizer

Creating a welcoming party or private event aimed at integrating local residents with tourists can prove social and financial benefits.

Social media has grown to allow connections throughout the world. This network has become a potential entrepreneur to create groups, forums and content aimed at connecting travelers with locals and promoting events aimed at familiarizing tourists with the areas they have visited as well. Ever heard of a mountain jazz event at Mount Bromo or Ijen?

10. Blogging Topics Related to Tourism

Another way to earn income from the business and tourism industry business value chain that can be launched by an entrepreneur with little or no initial capital is to start blogging on related travel and tourism topics.

It is interesting to note that there are many people out there who make a lot of money every year from blogging. If you are a travel and tourism professional or someone who has good knowledge in the travel and tourism industry, one of the businesses that you can consider starting is blogging about travel and tourism related subjects.

The truth is that if your blog has useful content, you will attract many visitors and if you have a lot of traffic on your blog, you can easily secure good advertising offers from other stakeholders and businesses on your blog. Make sure you update your blog regularly with trendy and useful travel and tour tips and you will continue to attract traffic. Don't forget to do travel promotions through Instagram because this is also very important.

The Best Tips in the Development of the Tourism Business
Running a profitable tourism business is indeed a little difficult. There are several tourism businesses that unfortunately no longer do business. This is not because of a lack of great products, but usually because of a lack of customer demand for their products or services or not being able to charge enough to remain profitable.


Here are tips that you can use for business development in the world of tourism that you can use:

Spend Time with What You Build

A successful tourism business, is filled by them spending the time to do their business in total. Not only in building their business, they also take the time to:
  • Develop and review marketing plans. How they will get there and they know where they are going, then realize their goals as needed.
  • Build and manage teams, both staff and external parties to provide exceptional vision and products.
  • Build relationships with influencers or endorsers.
  • Systematize operational tasks.
  • Review and readjust their marketing activities

Understand Your Ideal Customers

  • A successful tourism business focuses only on attracting the most profitable ideal customers. They don't try to be everything to everyone.
  • Look for customers who can tell you what they are interested in, how about their tourism experience have you met their needs, do they respect you, where do they spend time online and offline, what challenges do you face?
Then, create your ideal customer list as a lens for product development and make marketing decisions that fit your future needs.

Focus on direct customer ordering

Even though the trend of online travel agents is developing, you should know that the biggest benefits come from customers who order directly, not those who order through third-party distributors, or online travel agents.

You should focus on building an email database, sharing relevant content on social media and email, and investing in websites that can be ordered visually, optimized for SEO & mobile, can be ordered online.

Understand what affects customers

You have to know the most powerful marketing experience from travel is the stories that are formed from your customers. The easiest way to create positive word of mouth around their business is to offer products that their ideal customers like and want.

Don't invest in paid advertising because it's less effective, consider this, unless it's very targeted at potential and ideal customers

After you have successfully built a tourism business you will need a Hiring Employees way. 


Struggling in the tourism industry has its own challenges that continue to change over time. There will be new things that you can develop to meet the needs of tourists who continue to increase from time to time, even more easily access ticket reservations and hotel reservations.